We went to Forest of Dean and St Fagans National History Museum for the field project, in order to let us see more and get some inspiration from them. I went to Forest of Dean two years ago, therefore I did know something about it. In my opinion, that is a really good place for the students who did art or, there are lots of different sculpture. However, I didn’t find something that inspired me, also some of the sculpture I do not get the meaning, even though it is a very relaxing place for travel. I do not mind to look more different things but it does not really help for our project.

On the other hand, I found more inspiration in St Fagans and I think the main reasons is because St Fagans is the Museum about building and architecture structure, which is related to our ideas of the project. Building structure and materials are the main things we are focusing on, to understand what people consider before they build things. In order to build it be safe and comfort, materials use and weather problem have to be very carefully. I really respect those people who can build or create thing without any machine but with the awesome technique. We mainly focus on the timber and lime building due to those are the materials that we are going to use for our work. Through this trip, I have learnt that how the material use, what mix together make it different, the method of joining or building something and the thing we have to realises before we build.


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