Brand World-web banner


This is the roughest web banner I did, and actually, after I felt I do not like it, maybe because it was the first one I made also when I was doing this there is nothing in my head just want to do something, therefore, you can see it is very different to the others and the size of the banner is not the same too. Maybe simplify will be better, because now when I look at it again those images look really weird, just like to some images in randomly did not have any meaning.


This is the second banner I did but this one looks much better than the one above, due to I keep do research after I did the first one and I found some video about makes icy text in Photoshop so I tried to use that method to create something, and surprisingly it works and does not look bad, I quite like it but just looks too simple nothing special but honestly it is a good start for me to do another. On the other hand, it will look more fascinating it I try to make it more different.


This is the follow one and you can see that they look quite similar because I use the same colour background and the same text in the centre but the different is I add the left-hand side part in it. The background is the ice pattern because I want to make it like when people it, they can guess what the company is and hope they can feel the cool through looking at the banner. However, I found the problem after I done, the left part and right part they did not match to each other, it seems like two separate things put together so finally, I chose to do another one. 

Just a thought: People always cannot see the problem when they are doing it, but after a while when you look back to the work and you will find it very easily or you can say it appear automatically.


This is the last on I did before the tutorial and this one I simplify the content and just put the slogan and the logo on it. For the background, I used two images to overlay and change the opacity to 40% each one and the text you can see the filling is not colour, it is a pattern made by another image but the shape is made by the same method. I chose to put the top part of the logo on the left because I want to show the company name more clearly. Therefore, I crop the bottom part out, and the reason for the small frame because it matches the background colour.

There are my previous web banners before the tutorial when I was working on it, I do not have a really specific concept of how it should look like, therefore, I do a bit of research like go to Pinterest and look up some example also did a bit of research of how should it works, how can it be a successful web banner. But even though I do not have much idea in my head it still has to start and maybe I can suddenly get some inspiration in it. So I did some really rough sketches and did most mockup follow by those draft. I found some images online some are about ice sculpture and some are of the pattern are made by ice also found a video which is teaching people to make icy, frozen text in Photoshop then uses that method to create some text and made it looks like a part of the ice sculpture and it can represent the company as well. I knew there are lots of things have to change but I was not sure what it is so I need a tutorial and let my tutor give me some suggestion. One thing I know is they did not look the same compared to the logo and the business so I actually have to do something is to relate to them, because they all represent the same company so they cannot look too different even they are not exactly the same they still have to be the same style.


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