Branding Narrative-first concept

After having a tutorial, the tutors seem quite like part of our ideas and the footage we got but there is a problem we got that is our idea did not  at the brief very clearly so some of the point we did not match to the brief, such as we did not put any element which is related to 21 century so after the tutorial we though maybe we can add more other footage and make the comparison between the modern building and the old fashion Welsh building. Therefore, we had a discussion about our ideas and we decided to keep the footage we have done and add more new footage in that video. But unfortunately, it idea did not work too and finally it just became a thought, due to it didn’t have any meaning of celebrating St David’s day, and that’s another main idea in the brief so we cannot use that idea except we add some element that is related to those things, at the end after our consideration we decided to change the whole idea and do something special.

On the below, there is some sample that I did for our first idea, and as you can see all of them are in half different to the other half because we want to the comparison between the old Wales and the 21st century of Wales. And the on the bottom, it is the contrast by using black & white and colour, due to black and white is represented old and history and the S4C logo comes from left to right because it is saying that they are in the 21st century now, demonstrating by using colour. screen-shot-2016-11-26-at-10-22-50-am

The difference of this is I tried to add the S4C logo frame and show the whole logo to make it more playful. Furthermore, the difference between this and the previous design is I did not use black and white in here, I kept all in colour but I made the contrast by blur which means the history and clear which mean now, to show that we are from the past to now(a more clear world like our idea).screen-shot-2016-11-26-at-10-22-41-am

The third draft the image effect is as same as the second design but just playing with the font and the effects of the S4C logo. As you can see I made the text bold and add the shadow to make it into three dimensions.


The final design I added some different element is related to St. David’s Day so I place the daffodil into the S4C logo, also there is a contrast between the logo and the black and white background it is showing that the celebration that we are doing is from the past to now.


Furthermore, one of the group-mate took some field shots outside Cardiff, and after we watch those images and videos we decided to make a short video less than 30 seconds. There is the link of that video and on the below is the pictures of each shot.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 3.58.06 pm.png
This is our final outcome for our first concept of this project (our whole group quite like it but just it did not match the topic much, therefore, we cannot use it)



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