Brand World-flyer

Through the client’s brief, one of the touch points is a flyer, but there is one thing make me feel stress is the information of putting in the flyer. And I tried to contact my client through sending her email and message but she didn’t reply the message so I cannot do anything with it, I had thought about to write something on to pretend is the real information but it seems doesn’t make sense for me. The only thing I can do is to read the brief over, again and again, try to find something useful for me to draft the content. And this is one of the touch points that I felt very difficult to start therefore, I drew some of the sketches before I start to work on the digital. There are the really rough sketches of the flyers, and I didn’t use all of them because when I was drawing the idea came into my head but when I look back to the idea after I do not like it thus, just work on those I felt comfortable with.


And I did some mockup which is without the information, or you can say they actually look like small poster more than a flyer. At the bottom are the samples that I did through following the brief and got idea inspiration from some of the research.

 1.The first try of mixing two different visual logo effect, on the left is the normal logo version but on the right, you can see it looks like an ice and I made this effect in Photoshop is the same effect that I design for the web banner, the background made in blue because I want to show like it was standing on the flat water so the reflection of the logo. The bottom past is the description and some contact detail of the company. flyer-1

2. This one got the similar design as the above but did not mix with other stuff, just with the frozen logo bit and it look better than the one above, but another thing there is something missed is the description and any information about the company so I think I have to add those back.flyer-5

3. The third idea is more obvious of the company because it is actually an ice-cube, and I mainly want to show the logo be a part of the ice sculpture as an ident. Also showing that we are creative, we have our own design and style. The bottom part, I use the design of the web banners to be the slogan. screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-5-05-32-pm

4. This is the another design that using the same effect of the logo as the second tried but the difference are first, there is no background, the second is, I add the frame around it. Furthermore, as you can see I mixed some different elements that I have been used before, such as the icy text from the web banner and the ice-cube from the last flyer. Although I was using the same elements, it became another thing . However, this got the same problem as the second flyer, there is something missing which is the contact detail and company information.


The last design before the tutorial, also that’s my favourite design compared to the others. First, because the background colour got a really nice gradient blue, also it got a contrast of the white, like the white frame. Moreover, the reason of putting the half logo on the left bottom because if you remember actually that is one of the designs of my business card, I just got an idea from there. But there some need to improve, like the background of the text, is too much so it makes difficult to read, also if the colour of the contact text can make it lighter, then it will look better.


However, after the tutorial, my tutor suggested me to change the touch, because the thing I am doing at the moment it likes an advertisement and it is not the thing that they really prefer for this project, so at the end, I changed it to hoodie and web pages. 


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