Presentation-Constellation PPT

We chose to do a painting for our experimentation with ice melting, which is related to the brief requirement. Pick one wind, water or ground or all the elements and create a work which can be a drawing, sculpture or whatever an artwork.

Our main ideas came from the artist Olafur Eliasson-A Danish-Icelandic artist, mainly work on sculpture and some large-scale installation art with utilising special materials such as light, water, and air temperature to enhance the viewer’s experience also he engaged in a number of projects in public spaceOn the below is some of his work also is where our inspiration came from


This is the work he was using the movement of the train to do the drawing by itself, it represents the painting is drew by the ground and the air through the movement. And the concept of this is talking about the drawing is not drew by the human, but is drew by the ground and the wind. The inking ball was putting in a machine on top of the paper, and when the train moves the ball will follow the movement of the train then create the pattern by it. The ground supports the train and the train support the machine so it is like the ground supports the machine, and the ball moved because of the wind change the circumstance of the air and touch the ball so it moved. It is the movement that about how the ground and wind to control the ball and respond the feel the human, it demonstrates the language of them, they are using their language to communicate to human. We can also see this phenomenon in “The Hidden Messages In Water”, it tells us how water respond to human. 


At the above is our first experimentation, we froze the ice with some blue watercolour the day before. On that day when we start working first we do is put the paper on the container in order to make sure the water will not flow to everywhere after that we put some red, yellow and green paint on the ice that we froze and turn it over put it on top of the paper. And the next step is WAIT, I took photos after a while and kept doing this until the ice all melt. The whole process it took a really long time even we put it in a warm area to melt it, start from we melt the ice until the paper exactly dry it took a day to be done. And this experience told us that this drawing is similar to the ink ball, they are both drew by themselves also the pattern of the drawing is unpredictable they cannot control by human, it is responding to the human what they are thinking.

 There is another experience which is by the same method but put with different paint and melt on a different type of paper. This time I put different colours of marbling ink and mixed them together and froze, and this time we did not put any paint on the ice, we just put the ice on top of a thin paper which is different to the first one and let it melt. And the result is as you can see they are totally different even though they are using the same method or people will argue that it is because of different material and it affected the outcome, but when we think on to the other way is not we mixed the colour into the water or we put the paper underneath the ice so it absorbed the colour water. In contrast, is the water let the colours mixed with them, also they went into the paper but not the paper absorbed them.


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