Brand World-tutorial and changing touch points

After the tutorial with my tutor, I got lots of suggestion with him also I have told that to changed and added more touch points. The touch point that I have to change is the flyer, and the reason is because it didn’t relevant much with my ice sculpture company, and my tutor suggested me to design something like the uniform for all the staffs, a website page or something like ice carving tools. And at the end, I chose two more touch-points which are the clothes and web page instead of the flyer, and I am going to design hoodie for the staff due to most of the staff are ice sculptors so they have to work in the low-temperature workshop, the hoodie is the best clothes for them. Furthermore, my tutor suggested making a hat as well, and about the web page, I have told to do at least three pages.


On the other hand, there are some developments of the other touch points. First, is about the logo and I have been told to cut the bottom part out because it is not very important and most meaningful part is on top, therefore, move it away will be much simple and clear of the brand identity. After the logo is changed, other touch points have to change too such as the business card which I have told that the letterhead and compliment slip have been missed, the van and the web banner.Moreover, the conclusion of my tutor is I have to find or design one style of all the touch points before I start to work on the hoodie and web page because at the moment I still haven’t had a specific design of the whole brand and it is very difficult to work on different things. As you can see the design of the business is different to the van also different to the web banner, therefore, my next step is to find one design for the brand. Also, there is another big problem which is the slogan, and I was told that it doesn’t sound right maybe because of my language problem so I simplify it and become “Inspiring Ice Sculpture”. 


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