Branding Narrative-new idea progress

After we got our final idea set, next step is to start to do the moodboard and storyboard and after we done those things then we can start filming. Everyone got a different job to do, and for me, I am responsible for doing the moodboard, therefore I start to do some research about our though and put them together, summarise the ideas and make it visualise. 

On the above, those are the pictures about the video transition effect we are going to use for our filming, also there is the video of the Adobe After Effects tutorial. On the other hand, our filming background has been set in different place in Wales, but due to we do not have enough time and have no any budget so for the mockup we just set in town which is the best option for us to go to.

As a group, we decided to ask the real Welsh people, what is St David’s Day mean to you? and in order to collect lots of different answers, so we select to film it in public I mean on the street and having a real conversation with them. For the purpose of showing our message clearly and will not let our audience being confused, we are going to let the people write the answer on the placard and holding it with their own handwriting rather than film them just answer the question by taking. Because it is actually representing what is that mean to them?. And there are several benefits to working on this way, firstly, not all the audience can understand Welsh really well, and some of the people who are out of Wales they might not even know any Welsh, therefore, if our interviewees can write down the answer or they can add some other elements on it like drawing then it will be much better for all the people, because then they can guess the answer through the drawing. The second benefit is, writing version is good for those people who have hearing difficulties because it is more visualise and recognisable. Furthermore, this interview can cover all the age ranges. 



There are the moodboards that I did for the idea we have been discussed, we were thinking that maybe we can make it a bit different. The moodboard on top is the first one I made, for that, I did not mix the effect into those pictures but I screenshotted that video and put them into the moodboard directly. The one under, I mixed the effect in it and helps me save more spaces to show the pictures. The transition effect we want to use like for instance, filming each person with splitting into two parts and after few second one part of footage will change to the other person footage. The splitting part will overlap with changing different footage and people repeat and repeat until all the clip is gone and the S4C slide out. Actually, this effect is a transition between the footage. However, it is not our final moodboard because when we talk to our tutor in the tutorial, he said it is not necessary to make it like this also at some point it does not make sense that split the people in half big and half small and try avoid something which is not related to the brief therefore, I did another moodboard that does not get that problem.


This is the first moodboard I did after the final tutorial and the concept has been decided, on the top is the place where we are going to film, and the left down corner is showing how the s4c place and on the right is just the mockup photo by online and edit in photoshop, showing how would the interviewees look like of hold the placard. But after I have a discussion with my group mates, we though it is the whole thing look so much too busy, many things happen at the same time especially at the bottom part too much picture compare to the all the things so I simplify it and make another moodboard which look more comfortable. And the reason to change the colour from blue to red, we just want to try how it looks like with other colours, and it does not mean that we are going to use this just an experiment.

                                     screen-shot-2016-11-20-at-2-42-28-pm        screen-shot-2016-11-26-at-4-23-15-pm


And these two are the simplified version of the moodboard which are using the same elements but putting in different position and shapes, they are just an experiment for me to make it looks good. Unfortunately, it is still not our final version due to part of our idea has to change because of some reason so we have to discuss it again. 

For me, I do not mind to change thing again and again because all of us want the project to become what we want it to look like, even though it cannot be perfect it is still an improvement. Also, listen to people suggestions and ideas is one of the methods how people learn things. Moreover, a tiny reminder of what I got in most of the projects, when you are in any trouble situation such as changing the idea all the time, don’t be upset because it would not help, in contrast, you should be positive because it can help you feel better and happy to do the work. Went back to the very beginning lecture of last year, one of our tutors said we are in graphic communication and it is a course for us to visualise the design and communicate to people, and it is very important to listen and speak.


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