Hanging Sculpture-concept

This is the artist I have mentioned before, where we got inspiration of. After we got our ideas, next we have to design the shape which is going to create by those cubes. Furthermore, we want the shape to focus on typography or the shape which is related to graphic because all the people in our group are from graphic so we prefer to do something is related to our subject, thus we drew some draft with the Welsh letter(typography). And the reason for choosing Welsh letter because of all of us do not know anything about Welsh or Wales. We got three people in the group, two of them are from Germany also is mature student and I am from China so we are totally blank for this country, also like the project that we are doing for Subject which is related to this place and their language but we don’t know anything and we have to understand this place before we start. So it is a totally new language to us, and we decided to choose some letters which got a special meaning in it then we will use that letter.


And we chose these letter on the left-hand side because they are quite different and special comparing to the other letters. They get the slope, a roof and two dots on top respectively. However, we haven’t designed to use which letter yet so we keep doing research until we can find the one we prefer.

We have a small presentation to our tutor, which is about telling our idea, what material we are going to us, and how we are going to do it. And mention that our main materials are timber and lime, therefore one of our tutors organised a wood workshop for us. Let people have a health and safety technique test before we use the equipment.


Here is our plan of our sculpture, on the very top is our frame which is going to made of wood, after that is the roof or you can say is a ceiling and we were thinking it may be made by willow but it hasn’t been confirmed yet still considering. And in the middle you can see there are three square, actually they are the cube draft and 3 drew it in different size and think about which should we go for due to the size will affect the number of cubes thus we have to measure carefully. And the next step is to START.


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