Hanging Sculpture-process

After we confirmed all the thing of the work and the next step is to start working on it. Due to our main material is timber, therefore, we went to the wood workshop. We consider the size of the whole thing and at the end, we thought the frame will be 160cm  of the width and 90cm height. On the other hand, we changed the material of the ceiling from willow to timber because we concern that willow will not be strong enough to support our cubes, which is going to create a shape even though all the cubes are gonna to made by lime but it still got some weight, in order to make sure it is safe and stay after the final assessment we decided to use timber.

The first left corner is the picture that we just cut out the right length of timber and place them together, then we can make marks for cutting out the joint part. And for the joint, we thought  many different ways to do but at the end, the tutor suggests us to keep it simple, use the easiest joint method so finally we use lap joint and half lap joint, which is the most simple method to us also can use ecological material of it due to our project brief we cannot use other material except it is ecological or sustainable thus it is the best option for us.

The research of different type of wood joints

Basic Butt Jointbasic-butt-joint

Mitered Butt Jointmitered-butt-joint

Half-Lap Jointhalf-lap-joint

Tongue and Groove Jointtongue-and-groove-joint

Mortise and Tenon Jointmortise-and-tenon-joint

Biscuit Jointbiscuit-joint

Pocket Jointpocket-joint



Through Dovetail Jointthrough-dovetail-joint

Half-Blind Dovetail Jointhalf-blind-dovetail-joint

Sliding Dovetailsliding-dovetail

Box Jointbox-joint

For me, I did something similar when I was n foundation so I know that it is not that easy to make it perfect, they are quite time-consuming especially when you realise there is something wrong in one of the pieces, it is a disaster because you have to redo it again, if you can only have to redo that wrong piece then it will be better if not then can you imagine you have to redo the whole thing. 

On that picture, we haven’t cut the joint part out yet, and the picture on the right in the holes for the ceiling part of putting the timber on, and the last picture is the measurement of the ceiling before we drill those holes. We spend the whole day in the workshop to made these stuff done, we are in a good progress if there is nothing special, follow the timetable that we set and step by step then it should be done on time. So our plan for next week is to combine those frames and roof together and if we have extra time we can start to make the cube as well.


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