Brand World-touch points development

After the tutorial, there are some developments I have to do for the touch points and after the logo is changed the next step is to change the logo of the business card as well, also add the letterhead and compliment slip back to the stationery package. On the below, there are two designs of the letterhead and the idea came from one of the business cards that I designed, I use the pattern for the background also the shape on the top and the bottom is the concept about icicle also inspired by some of the previous logo design. And in order to show the information clear enough, I tried to use the different colour of the text and background and see which is more distinct. After the letterhead is done next is the compliment slip, I used the same design as the letterhead and justify the size and position only. I made them look really similar because I want to show people that they are from the same company, therefore, if those designs are different, people will not know they are a set of business stationery packages. Moreover, the difference between the business card and the letterhead is the background colour and the reason of using the dark blue because I want to keep the style of the pattern but I want it to be a bit different also if I use the same colour pattern as the business it will be too busy thus, I decided to add the dark blue which became the second main colour in the whole brand.

Business Card-Font & Back





Compliment Slip-Front & Back



The second touch point I have to develop is the Van, and that is not only the logo have tp change but also the layout have to design it again because those previous design didn’t look similar to the other touch points, thus redo is the best way to do. I decided to use the same pattern as the business card, and I changed the way to show the logo due to the shape is changed after the bottom part of the logo is removed so I kept the whole logo and on the side to the back I use the pattern because I want to show our identity colour to people and let them remember it. 


And the last development is the web banner and for this touch point I have to design a new one because all the previous design didn’t have elements is relevant to the whole brand, therefore, design it a new one is the best way to do. Through the final concept, I decided to keep the two background colour one is white and the other is dark blue for all the touch point. And for the web banner, I thought dark blue will look better than white because of think about it when most of the website page is white background how the web banner to be attractive and the easiest way is to use a different colour to the background, thus I chose to use blue. Furthermore, there are three things it must be put in it which is the logo, the pattern(which became part of the representation), and the description of introducing the company.

The first design I made, and I used the same picture as the first design of the web page but after my consideration, I tried to avoid using images because I do not want to use people image but at the same time I can’t take the image by myself, therefore, I decided not to use it. Also, I want to show people my design but not the image so not using it is a good option.


The second & third design is nearly my main idea, also it can avoid the thing I said on the above. And these two I tried a different position, size and the transparency of all the elements. However, they are still part of the experimental of the development because they are not my favourite design yet, so I have to keep changing thing until I found out the best design I thought.




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