Brand World-hoodie & hat

After the tutorial, the hoodie and web page became the other touch point instead of the flyer. For the hoodie, I design a hat to be the same touch point too and for me, I like the uniform be simple because it can show clean, smart and profession so the hoodie I design is very simple. I kept the main colour in blue and the logo I put the colour version on the left arm, also I made another version just with stroke and made it really big and place it on the right front cross to the back. The reason of putting in there because I am not only want to show we are professional but also we are creative thus, the position is decided. Moreover, I put the slogan on the hat due to remind the staff to remember our slogan all the time and put it in their head, so I decided to put it on there.screen-shot-2016-11-27-at-1-46-27-pm

The other thing in the same touch point is a wooly hat, at the beginning, I just want to design a winter hat likeĀ beanie plain hat but after considering that there are some women staff as well so I made a ponpon on top and let it looks like cute and pretty, so there will be two versions one is with the ponpon the other is without it which is for the male staff who don’t like. Furthermore, it got the same background colour as the hoodie in order to made it looks like a set of uniform and with the logo of the stroke version, but company name I didn’t put in the same place because it got a problem is so small people cannot actually see the company name, therefore, I took the name out, made it bigger and place it in front of the folding part around the hat.



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