Brand World-tutorial 2


The second tutorial after most of the development is done, and this time the suggestion of the tutor is more detail because most of the touch points have the final design except the web pages due to the time issue, I haven’t finished before the tutorial. However, overall is nearly done and the main problem of this time is the stroke of the logo and some of the text like the sample on the below, on the right is the previous design but after I was told that I should change the stroke because it is hard to see when the thing is small. On the left is after I changed the size and you can see the difference between them, I totally agree with the suggestion because I found out it became much clear and better I changed.screen-shot-2016-12-22-at-1-49-12-pm

The sample of the stroke in different touch points

Through the example, you can see that the previous stroke I used is too thick so in some of the touch points is not clear or I can say it does not look good enough. Therefore, after I changed all the stroke it looks totally different looks lighter. Furthermore, stroke is not the only issue, also the colour of the backside of the letterhead & compliment slip is another problem. The suggestion is, use the same colour but make it lighter it means to change the transparency lower to make it looks a bit different but at the same time they are the same. After this development, next is finish the final touch point-website pages which are the most time-consuming touch point because I have to do at least 3 pages.

Different opacity: 50%, 80%, 100%



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