Brand World-website pages

This is the final touch point also is the most consuming one because most of them use the logo and some of the contact information only so after the logo is decided then it will not be difficult to work on. However, the website pages are different because it is more complex and more detail element have to design, every section on the screen also be designed, therefore, this touch point took longer than the others. And at the end, I did three pages and the most challenging for me is the home page because, in my opinion, the homepage is the most important page to attract people, if the homepage is not attractive or not special enough people will not feel interested in it and stop to read that website anymore, thus I must design a stylish webpage which catches people’s eye easily, therefore, I did some drafts after having a series of research.

Sketches of the homepage

Sketches of the second & third pages

All the concepts and ideas are inspired by different websites, I looked at some ice sculpture company website also some different website design layout in order to get some inspiration. Through the draft I drew, as you can see almost all the sketches look very heavy and too much on one page so, at the end, I decided to simplify it because I don’t like the homepage be very busy, I prefer a simple but also fascinating page.

My first idea with using the same image as the one of the previous web banner design, the major colour is dark blue due to wanting to reflect the ice and cold feeling to let people perceive it. And there is no some special reason for choosing that picture it just because it looks pretty, however, I put it in the right middle because after the research I found out most of them put a lot of images on the homepages, therefore, after I decided to do the same, I tried to design it in a simplistic way which likes the side-show then people will not feel busy on that page. 


The development of the first idea, and I decrease the opacity because the slogan is not clear enough also the background colour had a tiny bit changed which looks more smooth, dark and the atmosphere be stronger. On the other hand, I added some basic contact details into it, because I thought it is the basic information to offer convenience to people see and know it. Furthermore, it is another way to show people that we do not only have the website but also got social media to look for.


Finally, after a consideration of different factors, I decided not to use any image of the homepage, which is the same reason of the web banner. Due to I want to design my own style so if I use people image I don’t feel I design the whole thing by myself so I tried my best to create a page without it. 

And this is the final design of the homepage, I changed a bit of the background colour to darker but it still a gradient colour also I kept the whole layout of all the information and text. I just added the shape on the top which is the same design as the business card, van, and the web banner, inside the shape I put the pattern layer as the background but I removed the fill colour and kept the stroke colour. I also created a new layer on top of the background colour and that is just a pattern layer and in order to combine the colour and the pattern background together, I decreased the opacity of the pattern layer to make them looks become one layer. 


After the final design is done and the final step is to make some decoration of it, due to this is a web page so I have to create it to looks like that. And because I need to design three web pages, therefore, I made some screenshots in three different tabs. Next, I just have to work in Photoshop like crop the main part out and keep the web bar also did some text changing, paste the design I did on that’s all.

Finally, it’s done



About second and third pages they both kept the layout as the homepage but just the colour had simplified also the pattern on the top have been removed, because they are both about are showing people information, so in my opinion, is better to keep it clean and simple especially the colour cannot be hard to see or people feel uncomfortable to read the page. As these designs, my idea is still the same keep it simple and I just picked one of each in my sketches then did the layout. On the above of the homepage, I said I try to avoid using images but in these two pages, I did not do it because it is really difficult not to show people the products for the company that which is selling goods.

Second page


Third page


After a while, when I look back to the work I found out there is something can improve more, as such the colour of the text it is better to use the same or similar colour also on the third page all size of the text which under the pictures, are all different. Also, the picture on the second page is too wide, it should be a bit longer and the final thing is the select part of the second and the third page, where the mouse is placing on, do not look the same.


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