Hanging Sculpture-process 2

Following the work we did for last week, and this week our plan is to join all the timber elements together also if we have extra time then we will start to make the lime cube. However, we didn’t because we found out the first frame we did is not good enough, some of them have a really big gap and in order to not take a risk(to be broken after a while), therefore, we decided to cut down the corner and make the frame again. We first to cut out all the joint part and cut the same again but this time we make sure all are the same also we use the thicker wood to join them together we use some specific to help us make all the marks be the same and after we use the hand drill to drill the hole because we are using the (..) so the hole have to be circle also have to be in the similar size. We use the sander to sand the wood() to make the beginning part which is the going on to the hole, from small to big because it will help the to go in easily but after go in the bigger part can help hold the frame stronger also because we cut a bit out of each timber so the frame became a bit smaller, thus, we have to cut the timber of ceiling as well.

The first broken piece and because of this piece we decided to redo the whole thing again.

The process of redoing the whole frame

After the frame have been redone, next is not find a place to seat our work, finally, we decided to put it in inside because our is a hanging sculpture, so the weather will affect the thing we want to show especially when it is windy, people would not able to see it clearly. And the final location is in the N block behind the stairs, it is a suitable place for the work, the whole thing we did will paint in the lime wash so it will be totally white and being contrast the background should be dark, and that what we want under the stairs.


And before we left, we decided to tie the both end of the top part where the timber put together by using the hemp string it also is the width of the top. Due to as you can see, it does not have a cross part for hanging the cube so we have to use the string to make the width part.

The end part of the timber 
The cross part which is made by the hemp string, and the reason of using string but not timber because we do not have enough time also we thought it will be quite difficult so if it was fail then it will be super time-consuming 
The next step also is the final step which is to make the cube and hang it then the whole thing will be complete

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