Handing Sculpture-final step & outcome

After the whole frame is done, next is the final step which is to create the cube and hang them on. Before we make the cube, we have to know the proportion of each component for mixing because the different amount will change the texture of that mixture, therefore, we have to totally understand the right amount and for this, we ask for a help to the tutor who is the expert of materials. About the cube, we did some test before so we know what materials we are going to use but only the proportion we are not very sure, and those cubes are mixing by lime and hemp. 

The mixing of the cube

After we got the right scale, next is to shape the form of the cube. We decided to make 30 cubes in three sizes which are 6, 7 and 8 centimetres respectively, so each person has to make 10 cubes of a specific size. At the below is the draft that I made to measure how many cubes we need and how will it looks like. I estimated that the whole things need 26 to 27 cubes and the rest of it is the spare cubes to make sure we got extra if there something happens.


The draft of the hanging cubes


However, in the shaping process, we found out it is not easy to form them all in the same size and shape so we thought they do not have to be exactly the same but they have to look similar at least. We tried our best to form and shape finally, we finished all the cubes and as you can see although they are not perfect most of them are still look quite good.


Now what we have to do is to wait until all dry and it will take few days of drying, but in the time of waiting we can work another stuff if to paint the frame. Due to we want it to look good also we have time to do it so we make a decision to paint it by limewash.


A few days later, all the cubes dry and the final step is to hang them on the frame, we separate into three jobs, one person standing in a specific to tell another person who is going to hang the cube, and the third person is the drop the cube which have already hang on the frame, into the limewash to make them look better. The most time-consuming part is to fix the cube to a right position because the cubes are hanging in different places so even a tiny movement, it still can change the form of the word. 

Finally, it’s done

The different angle to look at the work, showing that people have to stand in a specific area when they are looking at the work if not it will look very abstract such as the images at the below.

You can see more clear in here as what I say a tiny bit of movement can change the form because they are hanging from near to far


This is the final view of the whole work and the red footmark is to tell people where they have to stand. The overall be much better than we expect, the things we did well is we finished on time, it became what we expect all our group mates did their work. On the other hand, something that did not go well like the time limited, although we finished on time finally, the whole process is fairly rush, if we have more time then we can order some stronger timber, can do more practice also can fix it more detail.


the word “celf” means “art” in welsh

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