Brand World-final outcome

The final outcome of this project and we have to do a pdf file of all the touch points, summarise the idea and talk the font and colour using. In the pdf, there are some tiny changes of some touch point such as the business card, it is a new design and the backside of both letterhead and compliment slip are changed as well. Furthermore, I added some detail to show the touch point like the business stationery, I made the stamp and the colour of the envelope also place the web banner in some different mockup. The whole pdf file I use the same background and shape to demonstrate the brand – Alazkan Glaze. Overall, I like all the design and the touch points that I made and for me, all look good, however, they are not perfect and they can still be improved more so there is something that I think it can be much better. For instance, I can try some more different touch point also I can try to make some of the touch points be more interesting although keep them simple is my idea it still could be a new try also can get some new experience on it.




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