The Significance of Information-Beautiful Systems 1 week project

One week project brief


Before we start, we have to decide what topic we want to do and we want to find the data by ourselves I mean is to do the record by hand but not search online so we all the topics we think of must related to uni or around that area because it will convenient for us to do the research. We think of lots of things but most of them are so common such as what colour hair do people have, how many people dye their hair, how people go to uni,etc..those questions are too general. We prefer to do something special and finally, we think of two question, one is about what people choose in the coffee machine, what type of tea and coffee do they get? Another question is how many people have a tattoo in uni, where is that tattoo and do they prefer to show or hide them? Finally, we chose to do the tattoo question because it is more interesting, the next step is to go and collect the data by ourselves, we decided to focus on university before so we are going to different building in uni and ask people who have any tattoo or not if so do they prefer to show or hide it. Furthermore, for this project each person have to make an outcome so how many outcomes have to do it depends on how many people in the group and our group we only got two people so we decided to do male and female separately.

All the record and data we got 

The summary of all the information

After collected enough data that we need and we have to arrange them, and through the data we got, we create six categories about where the tattoo is, also three small categories about they want to show, hide or they do not have any tattoo so in our final work there will be nine things to show in the work.

Before work on the computer, we made some draft to think about how we going to present it, at the below, there are some basic concepts we got at the very beginning after doing some research.

Me and my group mate is from graphic so we have to put and add some graphic skill into it, the first idea we got is to make a 3D scale, however, we thought we should start from the easiest to the most complex idea so we will first start the idea on the computer and see how it looks like then if it is work then we will try to hand-made them.

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 11.20.46 pm.pngThe first outcome we did is follow the draft on the left-hand side. We put the body part on the right side of the circle and on the left is about show and hide, each line represent one tattoo, like if someone got two tattoos in different part of the body then there will show two lines but if there is no tattoo and there is a category of No and we will put the line between show and hide.

The digital version of this circle chart – tattoo comparison

I used a specific colour to indicate the gender so on the left is a male chart, right is a female chart, all categories got different colours and the word ‘show’ and ‘hide’ I use light and dark colour respectively to show the meaning of the word. And the main reason to use the different colour, in order to create a colourful chart also it makes easier to count. After doing this chart, me and the other group-mate try to make it 3D by different material such as string, paper, and fabric, etc. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 11.59.17 pm.png

This is her experience and the main materials she has used is string and paper but it does not look good and I think the main reason is because she glued it, it will look better if she actually to sew it.Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 12.33.10 am.png

And this is the one that I made and the difference between them is first I sewed it but not glued also I use fabric instead of paper but the problem is fabric is really soft so it is a bit difficult to sew it flat in this issue paper is better, however, we did not use it at the end. Although is it a good experience for trying, it still did not look like what we want so we give up and try to think of more idea to work on.

Another style design and the idea came from the circle chart and some of the research, the method is similar to the circle chart but just the way of showing those lines is different and it looks like a path.



The second design I made and the inspiration came from the first circle chart, those dots around the circle is my inspiration also I create a male and female figure which is for putting the dots on top.I use the word ‘tattoo’ to make a pattern and create a new layer on top, in order to tell people it is about tattoos.

This concept is to use different colour dots to point out each category and I put the dot on the figure to show the position clearly and after all the dots is put, I created a pattern which looks like a constellation, by using a line to link all dots together, however, it is still not our favourite piece also we thought it is a bit messy therefore, it might not be the best option to show.


Another draft I made on the computer, using the same figure and use some spots to shape the outline, use the same colour as the previous design to make the outline more colourful.screen-shot-2017-01-28-at-12-19-33-pm

Through the draft on the above, I made another design which is more obvious and unusual. I used the same colours for each part but for the ‘hide’ section, I did not use other different colours to indicate them, too many colours will create confusion. In order to avoid this issue, I use the same colour as ‘show’  but I just kept the stroke of the outline.screen-shot-2017-01-28-at-12-49-07-pm

The comparison between the background of the figure and find out which is the best to show. There are lots of colour spots on that chart and the background, outline and the colour will influence people to see the spots, therefore it is essential to make it clear.


Our final design is inspired by the circle on the below, each circle represent one person we will use three different colours to demonstrate ‘show’, ‘hide’ and ‘no’. Me and my group-mate decided to make it individually, do it as what we think of and after we finish we will look at each other work and choose one to be the final outcome.


For me, I was thinking to use the figure that I made before and put the circle on top, where the circle I put means where the tattoo is. About the colour, I used black to represent ‘no’ also I used light and dark colour to represent ‘show’ and ‘hide’, and that colour depends on the gender which is as same as the circle chart male is blue and female is pink.

This is my thought of this idea, people do not have any tattoo so I put the ‘no’ circle on the background which is behind the figure, and body part categories from the head to legs are all over, back, arm, chest, stomach and leg. It is very clear to see the difference between female and male. 


After a consideration of the colour issue, I made one more in a black colour background and change the black circle and the outline of the figure into white and compare which is more easy to see and count. As you can actually both of them are quite clear to see but the black one is more stand out, so much so that we chose the black one to be our final outcome and the final step I just have to add the information text back then that is done.

The final outcome – tattoo comparison male & female


On the below, there are the designs that made by the group-mate, and the idea she did is start from all over, arm, back, chest, stomach, legs and none. We both used some similar elements but it looks totally different, I used the body figure to the body part but she use a line as the body, I really like the way she demonstrated the whole thing, made it in a straight line which is really special.

I got some suggestion after the presentation, so I did some improvement after collected all the advice. The white circle should change the colour lighter to make it look actual behind the figure also the outline of the body, and some of the text is too big.



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