The Significance of Information-Visual Storytelling 1/2 day workshop

The brief of the visual storytelling project


At the below is the story that we have to tell and first, we got the story we looked through it once then start to highlight all the main points of the story, especially all the data that is related to such as the what is it about, where the thing happen, when it happen, how it happen and why it happen. After try to draw they out, we decided to work it separately, drew as much as we can then compare all the drawing we did and choose the best elements so actually, we are collaborating our skills and ideas to make the work to be more diverse. screen-shot-2017-01-28-at-11-22-27-pm

In that story, that points out three different times so we think is better to make a time line to show the difference, one is the straight timeline which is the most common design also I did look up some different types of design to get some inspiration in it and there is some research I did:

And at the end, we chose to do the curvy timeline which we thought it is simple but also too complicated due to the time limited, we have to finish it in an hour and a half so keep it simple is the best way for us. We drew all the information around the timeline to show where is it happen and follow the order of the news. Moreover, we didn’t want it to look like too simple and plain, therefore, we drew all the things in different colours to demonstrate how important they are in the story.screen-shot-2017-01-28-at-11-22-42-pm


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