The significant of information reflection

As the brief said data and information are in everywhere, and they around us all the time, is important elements in our life. Like all the road sign, train map and different types of diagrams are all about information design, therefore, is significant for everyone to learn how to design the information in another way, especially for us (graphic student) who communicate to people all the time by using graphics. In these modules, we learnt lots of skills and methods to design and visualise information. In subject, sometimes we will do something similar but we did not actually learn how to do it so it’s a good opportunity for us to learn more detail. In this field, we got six projects in total and we learnt different knowledge in each project.

screen-shot-2017-01-18-at-10-41-33-pm The first 1/2 day project, we learnt the simple concept of what is information design and see how people develop the visual system. Through working with other people to combine different idea and create a special visual image to indicate those data we got also learning for other group ideas.

Later on, most of the projects are through working in a small group, we have to communicate with different people by ourselves from discussed the topic, collect the information to visualize them. The whole process we have to use our subject skills and communication and collaborate people skill which is the main purpose of the field project. Let different subject student work together and learn things with other students. Different background, culture, experience and circumstance will change people thought, therefore, students can get more inspiration by talking and communicating with the others.

screen-shot-2017-01-28-at-11-17-21-pmHere is one of the projects that we learnt something new, pictogram is the thing that we use all the time but sometimes we will make misunderstanding due to we didn’t use it in a right way, we will think people can understand what is it mean but actually isn’t. No one really knows what people are thinking about. And this project is teaching us how to those pictogram to tell a story in a clear way. 

I am really glad that all the things I learnt in this field, I can use back into my subject. Because my last field project is about use ecological material to make a sculpture, I am not saying anything is bad and actually, that’s quite interesting and I enjoyed it so much to learn something totally different but the comparison is there are no any skills that I can use back into the subject.


And in the last 3 weeks project, I use most of the skills that I learnt in these few week into my work, which is really helpful in my graphic idea. And in the last 3 weeks project, I use most of the skills that I learnt in these few week into my work, which is really helpful in my graphic idea. 

Overall, the whole field is more interesting than I expected, at the beginning when I looked at the brief, I thought we were going to learn how to use graph and diagram only didn’t think we will learn that much stuff. There are some issues that didn’t happen in the field this time, start from last year there must have some problems came out such as communication problem, working with other subject students sometimes is a bit difficult because people might not understand what each other are talking about. And the other issue is, people didn’t turn up to lecture especially when you have a group project which is the most annoying problem thus, I am really pleased that I chose this field to do.


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