screen-shot-2017-01-18-at-10-57-50-pmThis lecture we talk about what is pictogram also there are some examples were shown by XX, the works that he did. Pictograms are the thing which around us all the time, we can see it in everywhere, especially nowadays people use it all the time. We can see them from our phone, laptop to the road(sign) and most of the places(toilet, restaurant, airport, bus stop, etc.). So I can say that it becomes an important element in human life. 


🚻  The most general sign that we can always see outside the toilet, and because it is too common so nearly everyone knows it.🚽


And due to the development of the technology, 📱 mobile phone, 💻  computer and laptop became part of our life and there are lots of pictograms insides those technologies like the very popular sign that we always for send message – emoji 😊 😉

No who you are, you will use once you have tried or you see people use  (like my mum😂  before she just sent me text but after she knew how to use, and now she send me emoji more than text)

📵 🚷 🚯 🚫 🚸 More pictograms and signs which we are using and we can see in the daily life.

On the other hand, although it is very popular for using, we have to be a bit careful sometimes because sometimes different culture and circumstance will affect the way people thought. In some point, if we use it wrong then we might get trouble so before we use it first we have to understand what is it mean. 

Different people might not have the same viewpoint

Here is a part of the study I read, it talks about different culture sign have a different meaning, the meaning we thought might not be the same as the others. 

Come back to our lecture and workshop, after the presentation lecture of the introduction and the concepts about pictogram. Next, we have a practice and see how we use pictogram. We will be given a story by text then we have to use 10 to 12 pictograms to tell what the story about.


Here is the story that we have to tell people


First, we read the story then point out the information which we thought is important, and we wrote down all the main point. After we start to do some pictogram research to find some pictograms that match to our story.


At the end, we finished it through teamwork, it is such a good lecture because this work is more challenging than I think. Before the lesson, I thought it is easy because everyone is using it these days but after the workshop, I felt it is not easy actually.


The final outcome of the story



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