Significant Info. 3 weeks project

The new brief we got for our final project which is something we can do what we want to do, so there are many choices for us and our challenge is to pick the one we really want to do. For me, the first step is to do a series of research to find out something interesting. So I look up some information design and some facts and statistics videos, at the finally I chose five to six topics as my start point.

  • Stress (The world’s 25 highest suicide rate of countries) – talk about the reason
  • behind the stress and what will happen if we over stress.
  • A day record of human – to do a record of how many resources do people use in a day
  • Allergy (especially food) – make a comparison of how many people have food allergy in different place, and what is the most popular food which people cannot have
  • Food(UK & Macau) – compare the difference between UK food and Macau food, start from the whole meal breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
  • Macau – make an introduction of Macau to let people know and understand more about the place that where I born.

I brought those topics with me to my tutorial, and I asked for opinions and see which is the best to go for, at the end most of the people seems interested to Macau thus, I chose that one to work as my final project.

The next step is to do a series of research about and choose some area that I really want to go for, however, if I want to introduce Macau then actually there are lots of things to talk about so I think the challenge for me is to simplify the information.

  1. The basic introduction of Macau
  2. The distance from Uk to Macau
  3. The area and population of Macau
  4. The history of the relationship between Portugal and Macau
  5. Special culture and travel guide

All the information I look up online, I went to the government official website and the library website to do all the research because all the information cannot be wrong especially something like history, therefore, is better to look up more different places to compare them.

The conclusion of notes for all my research

Next is to visualise all the idea we got, start to do some basic sketches, simple shape and some drafts. However, I did not do many sketches because my concept is to do a pop-up book and my idea is all the thing in my book is digital so I did most of them in illustrator straight away.

First design

1. The basic introduction of Macau


I drew it by hand and trace it into illustrator, and the reason to draw this because this is the common road sign in Macau, as you can see there is some Portuguese culture in it like the colour and shape.

2. The distance from Uk to Macau

After the research for this, I decided to use the world map to show how far it is and there are some other elements I have used which are the pictogram of aeroplane and ferry also there will be some flag for showing the places. On the below, that’s the first design I did, and for this one, I did not draw the map because I didn’t think about it when I first did it.

3. The area and population of Macau


After looked at those data I totally shocked, when I was in Macau I can feel that there are too many people in this tiny place but I didn’t actual realised is that serious, and our density is actually number one in the world. Therefore, I felt I have to tell people this problem definitely after the research.


On the left is about the density to show people how crowded it is, and on the right from the top to bottom are the population, ethnic group and area size of Macau. 

4. The history of the relationship between Portugal and Macau

Through reading the whole history story of Macau, I picked the main bit I thought is important between Portugal, China and Macau. I decided to use pictogram figure to tell the story which is to use the simple outline to let people understand but because the story is from Chinese so in order to make it more clearly I will put some description and some conversation in it.


5. Special culture and travel guide

A series of research of culture, travel places and common food, and in order to interest people about this place, I think I should make it be more attractive so I want to make a travel guide map to let people see all the things in it.

Then I made these map for my summary of the research, again this is the first draft so most of them I didn’t actually draw it because on that time there are many things I didn’t consider very clearly.

Sample piece process

After all my ideas are visualised next I want to test piece of my pop-up book so I made a tiny book with all the effect that I want to put also through the mock-up, I knew what I need to improve and what I have to change.

I did this sample in A6 and all the effects and materials I need to use I have tried them out in here before go for the real one. I tried my best to make it as same as my thought and luckily most of them work quite well and all the notes I just wrote down on it. Then when I do the formal book, I can just look at this and do as same as this that’s it.

screen-shot-2017-02-21-at-3-57-02-pmAfter the sample is done, I got my second tutorial which is about what I have to improve for this work. I show all the stuff I have done to my tutor, and there are some suggestions about the digital I made. First, he said the book looks good, there is nothing to change for the book. The thing I have to improve for the digital is about the colour (he suggest me to simplify the colour tone to three to four colour also keep the same style) he suggested if I am going to draw most of the thing then try to draw all of them because it will look better. So I did the improvement through listening to all the suggestions also I look at some examples and books which recommended by my tutor.

Moreover, there are lots of changes for the digital format, like I simplify the colour tone into four, I used the pen tool to draw most of the thing such as the world map, Macau map and all the building that I am going to show, to make them look similar means they are created by the same person.



The comparison between the first draft and the last design

Pre-final outcome

After the final design is confirmed, next is to print them out and start putting altogether make it become a book. But before do the colour print, I did a print test, in order to avoid printing problem, thus print them in b&w before did the colour print.


Use all the b&w print did the quick sample again like to check are they in the right size, are they in the right position, or are the text size is correct or not, etc.. When it finished the next process is to do the colour print and make the book. Fortunately, I gave myself some extra time to make sure everything can be finished by time, otherwise, I don’t think I can make it. When I was making the book I though it should be fine, I can finish quite quickly because I have already know the whole process. Although I got some experience before, there are some problems I still cannot avoid. The way I made the book is to print out all the stuff, and stick them on a strong paper or card then fold them up and stick the back together and become a book. Normally I use glue and double-sided tape to put them together and because of that if there is a tiny mistake then it won’t be easy to take it out again, therefore, there are some fail pieces which I made.


Sometimes mistakes can help people to improve more, that’s what I get on this project the more mistakes I made, the more improvement I have so that at the end the book is done by time and everything be what I expect I am really pleased with myself, I have lots of fun in this project. I did not only learnt some skills and knowledge but also it let me to understanding more about the place where I come from.

More elements I used in the book

Final outcome

The final outcome of the book

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