Choosing Brief

We got our first project after Field, and this time we are going to work with the real client again. But first, we have to read all the brief and find the one that we really want to do.

  • Brief: Dementia Friends
  • Brief: Fair Trade Wales
  • Brief: Flood Awareness
  • Brief: Food Safety
  • Brief: Global Steps
  • Brief: Glofa Navigation
  • Brief: Radio Glamorgan
  • Brief: Size of Wales
  • Brief: Twice the size of Wales

When I look at all the topics I thought  Dementia Friends and Flood Awareness sound good, so I skim all the brief once to see are the others I’m interested or not. However, I did not change my mind after reading through all of them, dementia and flood still be my first choices and next I have to read the brief more detail and make my decision of which become the first choice. Finally, I chose this⇣

Next, we have to sign up online to choose which brief we want to do but there’s a limit of each brief, it means we cannot miss when the sign-up list comes out. I am quite lucky to choose what I want to do because I am with my laptop when the thing came out, I signed really quick but I know some of the students they miss the time, thus they have to choose another brief.

Research (Brief & Theme)

After we all chose our own brief then we have to start doing some research and we also giving a theme by our tutors, we have to do a series of research of that theme, and the purpose is helping us to get more inspiration through looking at different things. Our theme is politics and those research can be anything such as images, video or music, etc.. this is a very broad topic so we were suggested by our tutor that we should set our own topic. But first, we decided everyone did some research and we can discuss it when we look at what other people found. Here is my research:

I did a wide range of research because the more we see the more we get so I look up lots of different ideas and samples. And after the discussion about all the thing we found, we finally set our own topic of politics. We want to make a comparison between Brexit and Donald Trump so the next step is to do the research again but this time we just have to focus on these two things.

Moreover, I did also do some research about the dementia friend I read their website and Facebook page, also I did some information research to find out what is dementia. (This is their website)

Alzheimer’s Society. (2012). Dementia Friends. [Online Video]. 7 November 2012. Available from: [Accessed: 8 March 2017].

Some video research about what is dementia:

Some research to know more about dementia:

Group discussion

We have to write our own creative brief for this project, and we thought it will be much easier if we discuss it together also we might get more ideas with other people so we did a mind map together. And this mind map can help for us to write the creative brief, also there are some questions we got through the discussion so we booked a meeting with our client in a week so that we can fill all the gaps we got in our brief.


First Client meeting

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 6.14.26 pm
The notes of the client meeting

After talk to the client, I feel glad that we organise this meeting because it is very useful and helpful also we understand more about the client and know more about what they want, I felt that we got more information than we expect.


After talk to the client, I found out they do not have any specific request of theme and colour so it is very broad, the only request is they do not want our design to be too negative, they aim is to encourage people to become dementia friend, so it is better to make it be positive. Also, we discuss with them that have they think about let more people involve because in the brief their main target audience are those 1000 residents, most of them are over 55 who have the visual impairment issue but also we talk them they said they did not think about to let young people involve so they though it will be good if we can design something for that age range. The main reason for focusing of young because I do not have any experience to get along with the people with dementia so I felt young people should know more about what it is and become a friend because there will be someone around them with dementia. Therefore, I want to do something for the young audience and I decided to create some characters to be the main element. There are some sketches of the characters in a cartoon style, and I used them into two of my ideas in order to attract the young audience.⇣

The first idea is about social media which is stickers pack and the concept came from the data we got due to we were told that there are quite a lot of residents are using social media thus it will be a handy media to share. The second idea is about a slide presentation which included some information about dementia, a game, and some illustrations. The final idea I am going to design some poster and it is going to encourage people to register become a dementia friend.

First Idea – Stickers/Emoji

The first idea draft of the first presentation

Second Idea – Slide Presentation

There will be five to six slide included the information of dementia and what is dementia friend, and I want to include a tiny game(The background of the game is using Newport town due to that’s one of the areas that we focus on) to let people know about the situation of dementia. At the last few slides, I am going to put the same characters to tell the audience to join us.

The characters of the game⇣

The second idea draft of the first presentation⇣

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Third Idea – Posters

The posters idea I focus on using the brain to show the dementia problem because I felt, it is quite a strong way to let people feel the issue of dementia in order to get people attention to concern about it.⇣

dementia sketch18
I drew this brain to indicate the dementia problem

The third idea draft of the first presentation

There are three main elements are used in those posters, first is about the brain which is showing the situation of the dementia problem. Secondly, is the broken font which I design with a feeling of dementia, and by looking at the broken fonts people will be interested to find out more about dementia. And the last element is the mass pencil line drawing, that is showing how dementia people feel so I want the audience to feel about dementia people really need help through looking the poster.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

dementia font
This is the font that I design for dementia(to show how dementia people feels)

First Presentation


Our final decision is doing the comparison between Brexit and Donald Trump so we have to do the research again but focusing on these two things and here is my research:

Finally, every pick five images in both Brexit and Donald Trump to print it out and set up our exhibition wall.⇣

Dementia Friends

In this client meeting presentation, we show them our ideas and explain our concept to them and hope can get some suggestion or advice from them to improve our work. And about my works they said they like my idea, it is good to use another way(illustration) to show, but there are some problems they want me to improve first the about the font, due to the main audiences mostly over 55 so is it difficult for them to read the text. Next, is the brain element, they think it is better to use something else instead of using the brain because when people look at it, they may misunderstanding the meaning of dementia, they might think that dementia is something that the brain is broken and therefore I should change the way to demonstrate the meaning.


After we the presentation, we were asked by the client that do we interested in travelling around the area where the residents are living in. And we thought it would be a great chance for us to know more about the resident also we can consider where our thing is going to put through this trip. We visit four to five places to comprehend the living circumstance of the resident, also we were told where and how the resident get information. Also, we were told about how they get along with the other resident because it shows how active they are and see do they willing to join us become a dementia friend. 

Concept Decide


Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 8.43.41 am
The dementia friend badge

We got a tutorial two days after the presentation and I show the same thing to our tutor and explain our idea again, but I was told that I should use the same theme to create three outcomes but not three ideas with different theme and therefore my next step is to choose the theme I want to do and create the outcomes. After a consideration, I decided to stay with my cartoon style idea and design three things with it. I am thinking to design two different posters and about the social media, I keep my beginning idea which is about the stickers but also I will add one more thing which is web banner. There is no colour at the moment because it is just the basic draft and I still have to think about how I am going to fill the colour.⇣

The following tutorial, I was told that I should avoid the colour yellow, some of the main text have to be stronger, also it is better to cut down the text because it supposes not to have too much text in a poster, also the space problem especially the white space. I did the improvement by listening to those suggestions also at the end I decided to fill the colour with watercolour because I did a comparison between the digital and the hand painting, I prefer the one by hand more than the other, thus I chose watercolour.

Those are the scan images of watercolour paint and after I scan in I still have to edit some effects in Photoshop, make it looks brighter and sharper. Then I use them to replace the black and white illustration.⇣

The comparison between digital colour and hand draw watercolour⇣

The final outcome with the improvement and the colour fill in⇣

Final Outcomes 

There are tiny changes after the last tutorial, and due to those works are for the presentation so I put them into different mockup in order to show to the client that how will it looks like. And in the presentation, every student can only have 3 slides max so we have to think about how to show them out when we are presenting.⇣

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 8.15.37 pm

3 things that went well with your design outcomes

Firstly, those outcomes look like what I expect especially the colour of the characters which is the most concern issue. Second thing went well is the whole look, after the improvement, it becomes more clear and attractive which I am glad about. The last thing went well is the mockup of the social media, especially the stickers because at the beginning I worried about it would not look good but luckily after I put them into mockup it looks better then I thought.

3 things that could be improved

  • I can try to play more around the typography and the layout of the text in both poster and web banner
  • Use more different element to show the same idea, I did think about to use photograph instead of illustration and compare the difference
  • Create more different design and do not limited myself to the square

3 things that went well with your presentation

  • I have said all the key point that I want to say
  • All the things did it on time, the preparation goes well so there are no mistake in the presentation
  • The whole group did well, everyone help each other to set up the wall the put all the things together.

3 things that could have been done better

  • We forgot to introduce ourselves
  • I am a bit panic, although I did talk all the key points that I want to say there are something I still forgot even I put the bullet point in the slide
  • I should talk the idea more detail


Our group have a really good team work, we always work together no one always missing or absent to the meeting. I felt we have a good organisation, we plan to meet the client, have a trip to visit the resident area, email the client with any question and we always have conversations with each other. Although we are not the best but for me, we still work really well, compare to the other group we do not any problem of group meeting and all the group mate is the first time to work with each other so we did well.


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