Branding reflection

To improve the work for the final module assessment by following the feedback.

branding feedback

And I did the improvement of my work also put all of them in mockup in order to show it more professional because at the end all the work we have done need to put into our website so it is significant to make the work look the best.

I simplify the logo, remove the fill colour and thinner the strokes, then apply it to all the touch points. Another massive change is to apply all the touch points with dark textured background and make them consistent.

ICE LOGO_final logo

I really agree that the simplified logo looks much better than the colour filled one, it is more professional and delicate and after I apply it to all the touch points the brand become a real brand, although it is still a student works, compare to the previous version they look much better.

I have learnt what should it mean of a consistency for a brand also my design inspiration have improved by doing this project, and I have learnt what is necessary and what isn’t. Like the some of the touch point doesn’t need the pattern background some does, it depends on what it is and the purpose of using it. If the pattern used in a right way then, of course, the outcome will be good but if not then the product we design will be affected. Lastly, although I have improved all the work, it is still not the end of it, design is never finished except we stop doing it. The next step is I can try to create more touch point and make this brand more complete whenever I have time to work on. This project is the first graphic project we did in Level 5 and I really enjoy doing it, although at the beginning there are some issues with contacting the client, except that everything it’s fine. First time to work with a client which is a good experience for me to develop all the skills I have.


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