Brand World-Narrative Reflection

About this project which is the first graphic project work with the real client, I am really proud of our team. Although at the end our idea didn’t choose by the client we still finish the finish it and make it look like what we expect. I really enjoy doing this project, in the whole process we don’t have any argument, we all feel happy and enjoyable. Everyone have their own role to work on, and no did not turn up all the thing just being great so after the project is done we have a small discussion about we all hope we can work together again. In my opinion, skills and ideas, of course, is very important in our design life, however, as working with a group of people team work and attitude is the most important thing because it can show our responsibility and personality which are the thing that most of the people really care about.

Through this project working with different people, my communication skill and organisation skill have been improved. In that few weeks, due to everyone has their own schedule so we have to organise a time to let all the people went to uni and work. Also, we all keep having the conversation online, make sure no one miss anything. And about the filming, I learnt some of the skill of it like where is the best position, some technical skills of the camera and few editing skill.

Lastly, there are something we can improve. First, if we got more time then we can try more place to work on because at the beginning our idea is to go to town and ask the resident, but because of the time-limited, we do not have time to work on the town. 


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