2016-2017 Field reflection

Modelling and Making

Before choosing the field project I have already decided to do something that really different to my subject and I look at all the project brief until I saw this project I am really interested in what it said: This project is focused on the acquisition and use of locally sourced natural materials for modelling and making, which I am excited about. It is not the only reason because of the project is different to my subject but also using the natural materials to make project is challenging and interesting to me too. And after the project start, all the activities and trips have some new knowledge to me to learn. Start from the first tiny workshop we have is to use all the materials which have been given, to build a thing. And the one which is the tallest and can support a box of chocolate at the end become a winner.

As the pictures on the above, the tower we made is quite tall but we missed the other requirement is the thing have to be able to support on top, however, the structure of our sculpture is quite strong especially the bottom foundation, therefore, it can be built taller and taller. And through this workshop, I learnt that we have to measure every section of the structure before we build, in order to know roughly before we built. Secondly, for building, doing it step by step is the most important rule due to it will affect the whole structure.

Material Mixture

Furthermore, we got some lecture are about understanding the materials, such as cob, lime, hemp, hay, etc. By mixing different material to know their feature and function. For instance, if I do not have the workshop with this project I would never know lime is much lighter than cob after dried. Also, a different type of mixing will change the texture, weight and tenacity of the composition.

St Fagans Trip

There is a trip from one of the lecture is to go and see the building which is built by the ecological material and from this trip, I have learnt more knowledge about different material and to see how to use them to build those buildings. Although it is not really directly related to graphic, we still can see more stuff and inspire our mind. We can think about to use those materials to mix with graphic as us our final work.

Final Project

At the end, in our final project through the wood frame, I did a lot of research on different types of woods joint method in order to us it in our sculpture. And I found something that I have never seen before such as the Biscuit Joint and Mortise and Tenon Joint, therefore, without this project I would not know that knowledge.

Moreover, the challenge for our group is time limited because there are two Erasmus students in the group and they have to finish the whole project by this term so we only have few weeks to finish from start thinking the idea to build and finish the sculpture, time is the main issue for us. Fortunately, our time management skill is not bad, we plan every step in different time also with some extra time for fixing the work, and at the end, we finished it on time. Another challenge is working with other people, luckily it is not a massive problem for our group because I knew there is an issue happen to other group is people did not turn up which is very annoying. This is a team work so everyone should take their responsibility, so everyone should work together because communication is the main element for a group project without this it cannot be group work.

The Whole View

screen-shot-2017-01-12-at-12-32-28-pmOverall, I learnt lots of different knowledge which are totally different to my subject. To me, this field module is not only about learning some building skill or learn how to build thing but also to know about some materials that I have not heard about before so all the thing I got in this field project all totally new. Knowledge is one of the main thing of course but also through working with other people my communication skill and time management skill have been improved. Finally, do something different will help for inspiration sometimes at least for me it is because all the things we did are still relevant to art and design, thus, learning in a different way is quite interesting and fun.

Final Hanging Sculpture


The significant of information

As the brief said data and information are in everywhere, and they around us all the time, is important elements in our life. Like all the road sign, train map and different types of diagrams are all about information design, therefore, is significant for everyone to learn how to design the information in another way, especially for us (graphic student) who communicate to people all the time by using graphics. In these modules, we learnt lots of skills and methods to design and visualise information. In subject, sometimes we will do something similar but we did not actually learn how to do it so it’s a good opportunity for us to learn more detail. In this field, we got six projects in total and we learnt different knowledge in each project.

screen-shot-2017-01-18-at-10-42-01-pm The first 1/2 day project, we learnt the simple concept of what is information design and see how people develop the visual system. Through working with other people to combine different idea and create a special visual image to indicate those data we got also learning for other group ideas.


Here is one of the projects that we learnt something new, pictogram is the thing that we use all the time but sometimes we will make misunderstanding due to we didn’t use it in a right way, we will think people can understand what is it mean but actually isn’t. No one really knows what people are thinking about. And this project is teaching us how to those pictogram to tell a story in a clear way. 

I am really glad that all the things I learnt in this field, I can use back into my subject. Because my last field project is about use ecological material to make a sculpture, I am not saying anything is bad and actually, that’s quite interesting and I enjoyed it so much to learn something totally different but the comparison is there are no any skills that I can use back into the subject.

And in the last 3 weeks project, I use most of the skills that I learnt in these few week into my work, which is really helpful in my graphic idea. And in the last 3 weeks project, I use most of the skills that I learnt in these few week into my work, which is really helpful in my graphic idea. 

Overall, the whole field is more interesting than I expected, at the beginning when I looked at the brief, I thought we were going to learn how to use graph and diagram only didn’t think we will learn that much stuff. There are some issues that didn’t happen in the field this time, start from last year there must have some problems came out such as communication problem, working with other subject students sometimes is a bit difficult because people might not understand what each other are talking about. And the other issue is, people didn’t turn up to lecture especially when you have a group project which is the most annoying problem thus, I am really pleased that I chose this field to do.


I really enjoy doing both projects, although their theme and subject area are totally different, there are some skills I have still have improved in both project. For instance, communication skill by working with different subject students; presentation skill getting better through having presentation all the time and lastly; organisation skill and time management are being much better due to organise our time to do work. The first project I felt excited but nervous because I knew all the things for me must be new and before the lecture start I did worry about the thing might be so difficult to understand but luckily it is not as scary as I thought.

Furthermore, I have mainly learnt different type of ecological material knowledge and some building skills which is not easy to use in my graphic work but it will be the best if I can try to use those skill into it in the future. For example, the final outcome I did, a sculpture(a suspended illusion sculptures) mix with graphic communication message that shows another way to communicate to the audience, although it is an artwork, it still relevant to the graphic. This project gives me a great message about graphic communication is not just limited on paper or digital, sometimes we can use some other way to say things.

The second project is about graphic which is really helpful to my subject, all the skills and methods I have learnt can be very easy to use into my project so I am glad that I have chosen this module. This project told us how to show or demonstrate information successfully and that is the thing that graphic people are doing everyday or even every moment, so all the skills we have learnt about are really beneficial and advantageous. This project I felt more confidence in the lecture and I didn’t have to worry about too much as the first module because the area is still about graphic, so I am glad that I have chosen this module.

Both modules are very good, not only the lecture but also the tutors are kind and friendly too and I didn’t regret to choose these modules. The learning atmosphere and lectures are totally different compared to the level 4 field. Last year one of the projects I have chosen is a bit boring but that is not the problem. First of all, there is nothing related to my subject and the main problem I really annoyed with is there are not many students attend the lectures so people cannot do group work together and even the last presentation there are only ten people attended. However, this year there are not many situations like that, everyone is in the lecture so people can work together. Both final projects have the same issue is time-limited. Even though I finished on time, there is something I can still improve more. Therefore, if I got more time maybe both of the work I can improve more detail items to make both looks better and more professional.


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