Persuasion reflection

The first personal real client project which is a massive challenge for everyone, I felt excited but at the same time I did worry about the client might not like my work. For my topic dementia friend, it is a very open project because the client didn’t have any specific requirement, they just want us to do something which can encourage people to become a dementia friend. Therefore, we can design whatever we want but we got our first challenge is to think about what should we do and what it will attract people. It is not easy to make the decision because there are too many formats we can do. And the second challenge is we have to find our own strategy and that’s the issue that we got for every project, from doing research, doing sketches, and to work on digital all the things are the challenge. For the final outcome, I made something which is totally different to the others, I am the only one to create characters by illustration and make me see how difference we all are, everyone did different thing and not only the style but also the idea and elements no one got the same thing and I did also get some inspiration from other people. If I can do it again, I might create more characters and try to make a digital colour version but not in hand draw watercolour version to make it different. Furthermore, I might create more other posters to see what I still can create, but I will still keep my idea if I do it again. I like my idea but just maybe I can improve the drawing and make it be more professional.



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