Digital Me – logo&theme

The final project of this year is to identify ourselves, we have to build our portfolio, website and improve all the projects we have done this year. An online portfolio which to put the best work we got and to show people that we are professional not just a student but we are becoming a graphic designer. It does not only show our works and what skills we have got but also showing people our personality because the website is representing ourselves.


For the online portfolio, I want to design my own logo which can represent myself but something hard is because of my nationality, so it is better if I can add some elements on it to show our culture. I am from a place named Macao where is just next to Hong Kong, our official language is Cantonese, our culture is influenced by China and Portugal and it makes us become quite different.

My Chinese name is Vu(Surname) Lok Man-鄔樂文, and my English name is Joana. As you see my name is quite special so if I can create my own logo it must be great. The next step of design my logo is to try out how many possible it can be, and I did a range of designs to find out the best. There are my designs on the below: Some of the design did mix with my English name but some didn’t, and through trying different types of design finally, I used one of them.

It is not east to design a logo which represents ourselves because the logo is showing who we are and what kind of person we are so if it goes wrong then our brand, our works will be affected by it as well.  Also, it is a really time-consuming work so we have to have a good time management skill to plan everything and make sure all the stuff are done on time.

Colour & Style Theme

For our whole digital project, we have to make all the items being consistent such as our cv-curriculum vitae, online portfolio and pdf portfolio, so we have to design a theme for them and use it in all the items. My first solution of this project is to choose the colour which is meaningful to us, and I chose a colour between cerise and ruby and the reason of choosing it because that’s my favourite colour. I got lots of things are that colour so it for me it kind of represents me. Next, is about the theme style and I didn’t want my whole layout looks too complicated, I want it looks like clean and professional. Our tutor suggested try to put some element to show what you like to do, so I thought about what I like to do in graphic then I found out I like bookmaking and layout design. From that idea, I decided to tell people what I like to do by using lines to demonstrate the simple outline like the grid or ruler.


But after the discussion with the tutor, I was told that colour and design of those lines are a bit distracting so I should simplify the number of lines and reduce the colour. Then my practice is to reduce the tint of that pink and change the design of the line, I used dashed line instead of solid line because it looks more like bookmaking stripes. And after the final design theme is confirmed, I apply it to all my files.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 11.11.02 pm

Another time-consuming part in this project, which is also the main part of all the thing, if this part has been decided then the other rest of it will be more easier. For me, design a theme to tell people your story is not easy because we have to consider different factors. Like how to make it looks professional, what layout would people prefer(to looks comfortable), how to tell people what is our background and what we like to do. All the information has to show on one thing. And this task is connected to my field project, which is about telling information successfully. I used some of the knowledge I have learnt into this project, introducing myself successfully by using the simple elements. Both logo and the layout are really challenging but at the same time, it is really helpful for a graphic student, to give us more sense of what a real graphic designer have to be.



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