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Archaeologies of the Unseen

Things I have learnt in the lecture:

This term I got totally different feeling to the last one, I thought this is more interesting also is something I want to know about, but at the same time I found out there are somethings quite deep for me, maybe because english is not my first language also before the constellation I didn’t have anything concept and idea of what is it about so some of the points and things didn’t get very well or sometimes I have to use more time to understand. However, something I feel good is how the lecture works, before we start we were told asking questions better than just know the answer, this is quite similar to my first constellation both of them encourage students to ask but not only giving the answer and through reading, doing, listening and thinking to find out the answers. In the lecture we had quite a lot of activities and practices to do which were really help to understand and is a fun way to learn for the two hours lecture, also in the class some people always had lots of good questions and that’s where I learnt more things from. 

And on the above are some of the exercises that we did in class from left to right is make a thing of the materials that we had been given also with listen to music, the second and the third are quite similar and it is about drew one thing on the table and drawing another same thing with the paper which was holding up on the air by someone. The reason for doing this is he wants people to feel how difficult, and the difference between them. The last is my favourite activity that is about drawing with feeling, picked an object without looking and draw the thing as what you can feel in your hand. This task was really fun because it is very difficult task to draw thing by feeling, and after finished the drawing we had to guess what colour should be of that object as well and honestly it is really hard to guess especially you don’t know what the thing is and also every object can be any colour, a big challenge for our imagination.

Things connected to my subject:

I am studying graphic communication so most of the things we design is to communicate to people, such as poster, books, animation and banner etc. There are many things we do and all of them are about telling story and most of our works are digital all working with the laptop so there are not many chance for us to feel. But turn the way round we can let people feel in drawings, like one of the popular thing we always read which is comic books.

Those are the simple example about senses that I drew, on the left is a flower smells good and on the right is someone shouting by using the loudspeaker, and we can let people feel through this way.

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 10.49.01 pm
This is the draft that for my animation project

So that practice and lecture are really helpful (especially the people who study graphic or illustration).

Ideas & The resources of the essay:

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 8.32.56 pm
image credit: Gorilla by Elshout

Also I really like the topic imagination, ambiguity and perception, those are very attractive, like the selective attention test which about the gorilla walk pass through a group of people who are passing the basketball, it is so surprised when someone told you the gorilla just talk pass in front of you, but you don’t even know there is a thing appear in the screen. From this we know that most of them are not pay attention very well so people is very easy to get deceived, but actually this phenomenon is always happen in our lives everyday.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 8.45.32 pm.png
My Wife and My Mother-In-Law, by the cartoonist W.E. Hill

In the same lecture another thing about ambiguous is very fun as well, like the example on the right in the lecture we were asked what can we see in this picture, and for me I can see a young lady also and old lady but I am so surprised that some people can only see one of them. For me I can see both so I expect people can see it too, but in fact it is not right.

And in my essay I will talk about the Gestalt principles, and the ideas came from this theme the ambiguous images. The main thing is to discuss about how people see and think things through their eyes and brain. The main thing I am going to focus on seeing ambiguous and Illusions . And after the research I found out that is very interesting psychology theory, and I think many people will interested in it too. And about the illusion I am going to focus on optical illusion which is a common and broad phenomenon. The main idea of gestalt is about what things we see, how we see how, and how our visual perception  works, sometime our brain will doing something automatically  which we don’t realise. Gestalt and optical illusion are the phenomenon which always happen in our life, so it is good for us to know what happening with them, and to understand how does it happen due to vision relate to us every single moment. 

Plan for the future: In the future I hope we can learn more similar topic like this, psychology is very interesting and it is about to understand people behaviour and mind also explore lots of thing such as emotion,  perception, personality and brain functioning etc is a very broad area. I really like to learn new things but we have only three years in uni and that it is not a long time for who wants to learn lots of thing. Also constellation is just apart of our course but not the main subject so we do not have too many time on it. Like this year we only have two constellation and each one got only eight weeks, I hope we can have more time on it coming these two years.

At last, something that I really want to say is I don’t really understand why people didn’t want to turn up, even though you don’t like the topic or sometime you think that’s boring. My first constellation is Visual Thinking, honestly I don’t really know all the thing he told us even I went to every lecture and I don’t feel really interested on it but I still turn up, because I really want to learn things. I think we must learnt something as long as you are there, and it shows how is your attitude and respect is very important and it is a basic attitude not only to ourselves also to everyone.


Something?? – Identity a phenomenon

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 4.16.48 pm

The sense has colour, depth and texture, the picture above is an abstract thing, it is a picture that made by positive and negative space or a big black mark shape in the white paper also it could be a white pain on black paper. And people might see different thing depend on their living experience and the knowledge they know or thing they have seen in their life. Those ambiguous forms have several possible interpretations. Like this I can see it looks like frog turning upside down or like a instrument made by mirror effect but the thing I see some people might not agree with me, for this I did a small test with different people. The people who are studying arts or design have a similar visual sense with me, they saw something like a human, a face or animal is dancing upside down. But the other who are not arts students one’s saw something like a chicken leg which I couldn’t comprehend her view, part of them they think it is creepy insect, and someone told me it doesn’t look like anything. Actually it is true, everything can be possible because there’s no right or wrong answer of it, when we are perceiving and recognizing images we will like classify it to the most similar object that we know. For example, this pictures I think is a frog jumping upside down and the reason for that is because I seen frog before so I recognise the shape looks like a frog. However, people who didn’t seen frog before might not realise that. Since the viewing position changes, the image presentation patterns also come different, it is not illusion, hallucination all we see are exist, not only knowledge will affect our thinking but also environment will make our viewpoint be different because our feeling might change our thought.

Made or Grown?

If you ask me why I would made a rose, then I can honestly to tell you that I don’t really know. Before the lecture me and my friend like usual we will go to buy a drink and go to the lecture, and wait the lecture start. But that day there is a window which is quite near me was open so i felt a bit chilly also I have bought a bottle of orange juice so for me the whole area was cold. When the lecture start everyone got different elements, like wire, stick or different colours of plasticine. And me I got a stick and a blue plasticine, and we were told to make something with the thing that we have but we didn’t told what to make just a thing. When we start there are some music was playing but I can’t remember what kind of music anymore. 

When I got those material on my hand, the first thing in my mind is “nothing “, it is absolutely blank and have no idea what to do. But because we were told to make something then I start to think ‘what can I do with the stick?’, but I still can’t think of anything then I start to play with my little blue thing. The thing I want to do with the plasticine is rose but there is no an exact answer, maybe because of I like making craft with paper clay and most of them are rose so when I look at the similar materials I will think of the rose. Finally, I made the rose and due to I didn’t have enough time and I just put the flower on top of the stick.

Before the lecture finished, we looked up people work and we found out apart of the student made flower or some natural thing, some people just play around the material and have some random thing as well. And something was very interesting is what we did is depends on the environment also we were affected by the music at the same time, so there are some people make nature stuff. Like me I made a flower, when I was making I just focus on what I was doing so I didn’t think of the music I just remember the music quite soft but I was still affected by the music.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 6.37.59 pm
After the exercise, I did some research about blue rose

Blue rose do not occur in nature, so people created a special meaning for it, and it means mystery (just like when I first got the material on my hand the feeling is mystery). Another meaning of the blue rose is that it symbolises the impossible, or the unattainable.


Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 12.50.36 pm
Octavio Ocampo-General’s Family


When you first look at this picture, what can you see?

When I first look at it I can actually see a side face old man with bald white hair and beard, also he put his right hand on his black shirt looks like putting it on top of the heart. That’s the first thing I saw and when I look longer a can see there is and old man who is with hat, hand holding a stick and with a woman who’s wearing a beautiful dress and holding a baby on her arms, are standing under the arch. And surprisingly the hand on the black shirt I saw at the very beginning, actually is a dog lying down on the floor.

I think there are all the things that I can see in this picture but when I do some research about the artist and his works, the information said in this painting there are totally have nine face on the work. Therefore, I tried to find them out, and at the end I can actually found nine face but not sure are they right or not.

Start from the top left corner there are five faces as I can see, from left to right. Two side face next to each other like a mirror and in the middle of those side face there is a face made by the bird, next to that there are two more one is made by two birds above that there is another face made by weed and the thing which the bird stand on. And the last lady face I found is in the right top corner it is also made with weed and column thing.

After look at some of his works, I am very interested in it because I think some of the people maybe cannot find see all the things he drew or the thing that he want to show. Just like me I cannot found nine face when I first saw, I have to use some time and check very carefully in each part and found them out. And sometimes people will miss something for no reason not because they are not concentrated but just miss the thing, therefore it is very interesting to know how people look at thing and what they think.
More information about Octavio Ocampo:

Archaeologies of the Unseen-Thinking Through Drawing

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 7.20.03 pm

The differences between this two drawing

The drawing on top is drew by feeling as you can see that it is very small, and the reason of the size I think is because it seem to be more comfortable when I felt on my hand just like if I drew it big then I will make mistakes. Also I can only drew the thing that I can feel so there are some details I cannot draw, like the eyes and the spots on the body because they are not three-dimensional so I missed it. Although both of the drawing line are quite sketchy, they are still different. The one drew by feeling not only small but also the line is more darker, because when I drew my brain follow the sense that I touch, it makes me drew more slowly and carefully, it shows there are some pressure on brain and my hand. On the other hand, the one drew by looking is very similar to the object because I can see it so all the details I would not missed. Moreover, I did not guess the colour right so for me it is difficult to draw by feeling at the same time it is fun to see how all the sense work together.

Visual thinking-A drawing does not have to look like its object

We are a art student so our imagination should be much better to the other, so today we got a small challenge is to find a place and use the material that we have found to make a drawing of that location and take a photo. This workshop want us to consider about tool, what tools for us and how we use them.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 12.53.47 am
Different ways of drawing

Our group idea is take a picture in a picture so we find a place and take a photo but we get the wrong meaning, actually we have to exactly draw a picture. Through other people works I saw some interesting work, few groups use pencil to draw a picture that’s the most common method. One of the they used soil,  leaves and some food package to create a picture. That’s the most interesting group, also there was a group that went to a coffee shop and used sugar and coffee sticks to make a traffic cone. It let me see the difference in different people, although we all are art students we got different brain and idea, the way to show the picture and the way to make the picture all are different. It is quite important to think about a drawing does not have to look like its object, because abstract and metaphor is the thing that we learn.


Visual Thinking-Walkshop

This week we have a very special lesson we got a walkshop our destination is here CHAPTER, and the purpose is my tutor hope we can have some discussion of our presentation on the way to CHAPTER. Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 10.53.57 pm

After we arrived we have talk about our topic and took some note and we start to talk about the difference between art and design, after that we have a cup of nice coffee and walk around look at some work. This walkshop is a quite good experience because I saw a lot of people talk to each other, we talk more than in the classroom. Everyone was very relax to have conversation, and we got our first draft of the presentation.