Print & exhibition

Final Print

After the final submission, we got our feedback back for the print, so before the print I made some improvement again make sure everything is perfect. About the 1st & 3rd spreads, I was suggested that to simplify more the elements. I didn’t do much for the first spread, because that’s all I want also that’s the main spread. But about the third spread, I adjusted all the images be smaller and more tidy around the text also I removed the outline of those quotes and just made it bold in order to make it easier to read. And that’s the same problem as the second spread, so I removed the outline and bold and I changed the text size which can let the rag looks better, but it is very difficult to make all be perfect. Due to that’s the file for print, I saved it with crop and bleed, which I forgot to do before. On the below are the print file with the final improvement.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 8.59.49 pmScreen Shot 2016-05-23 at 9.00.01 pmScreen Shot 2016-05-23 at 9.00.14 pm

There are the print spread which have been cut and stick together, and ready for our exhibition. In the cutting process, that’s not very difficult to do but after cutting we have to spray and stick together which is the most difficult part. In order to stick it perfectly, we have to align the line where we stick the together otherwise, we have to take them off and stick it again.

The way we do to combine the spread together is to stick the backside of those paper:

Step 1: Cut the paper out, through the crop mark and bleed make then fold the paper. On this step, we have to be very carefully not to cut it wrong.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 1.19.13 pm

Step 2: We spray the one page as the blue line at the below, after the spray we have to sick them together. And we have to align the purple line as below then press the paper down to stick the paper. Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 1.19.08 pm

Final Step: To check all the paper, if there is not aligned as the purple line, then just cut them cut then all will be done.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 1.31.55 pm.png

Level 4 – Exhibition setup

31st May is the final day for our submission and also is the day that we have to set up our exhibition for the degree show. We paint all the wall and make the whole area be white, clean all the table, and placed them in different position in order to make all the things become the same style also let the visitors feel comfortable and enjoy the exhibition. I did have a look other people stuff, and I saw a lot of good thing some of them are actually  amazing. We only had ten articles at the beginning and not all the articles have been chosen, so there quite a lot of people got the same one but I am so surprised that everyone’s work look totally different and no one had the same style with the others.


Summer Exhibition 2016

21st May, 2016

There are some of the business cards and postcards which I really like, in the exhibition. I went to all the show and in that show I really like the textile, graphic and some of the illustration pieces. Some of the fine art work are quite abstract and I didn’t really get it but some are amazing. I feel I should take some photos, I am a bit regret now. In graphic and textile area I saw a lot professional work, most of the works look it come from the shops, I am happy that I have went there and saw some wonderful stuff, at least for me they are. And I was a bit surprised that when I saw the architecture works, because I didn’t know that they are in the Arts building. Some ceramics and product design works look interesting, and from their exhibition I saw some new technique that I didn’t know before. For illustration, I really like there is a book which made by fabric and there are some animation are good too. About graphic, they all really good especially the animals and pets poster also there is the dragon which made by paper it was really cool. The textile part is awesome, first for myself I really like textile most of my works in foundation is about graphic mixed textile so I am very interested in textile. Secondly, their works are actually really good and professional. Some of the works are for sales as well which shows the quality as good as the stuff from some shops.

Another Exhibition
Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 12.17.27 amAt the same time there is a special work The Aftermath Dislocation Principle(The ADP Riot Tour ) outside the building, which by acclaimed artist Jimmy Cauty. The ADP is a post-riot landscape created in miniature, and it is a 40ft shipping container. And there are lots of holes outside the container, which is the only way for people to look through it and see the stuff inside. The tour start from Bruton on the 23rd Apr to Bedford 12th Dec.

There are the images that I took through those holes, and you can see that they are amazing and all the elements are very detail. Also there are some sound effect like police car and ambulance siren, and there is a moment I think that’s Star Wars. They got a very similar feeling when you are looking at those thing with the sound effect.

Here is the blog web which about him and his works:



Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 4.03.16 pmThe first workshop is about edit Image, telling story through the image. Our article is about six things we know about the plastic bag charge in England, and we have to choose one of them and create an image to represent the text. And that six things are:

  1. Bag usage has plummeted
  2. Charities are benefiting
  3. Shoplifting ha gone up-or not?
  4. Consumers behaving badly
  5. Retailers found loopholes
  6. Chaos, what chaosScreen Shot 2016-05-18 at 4.16.45 pm

Finally, we chose number four because it is the most easiest to demonstrate also everyone in our group seem have a lot of ideas about the imagery so we chose this topic. We mark down some point for create the image, for example:dodge the charge, trolley and shopping basket, security and stealing the bags. Our main ideas is to tell people how people act really bad, first they don’t want to pay the 5p plastic bag, secondly stealing trolley and shopping basket. A silly behaviour, in order to avoid that small amount of charge and to steal thing which is criminal offense.

At the bottom is our imagery, and we chose to illustrate it because we want to show it in a funny way. So we do some a lot of research about the images and collage them and create them to be our work. In my opinion, the whole image is quite clear except the trolley inside the car which is too small and is not in the right angle so it is hard to see. If people can see that trolley, I think the meaning will be shown more obvious. And our feedback is we put too much information in one image, we should cut down some of the detail also the trolley is not clear enough.

There are the images we got from the internet, and the way we did this work is first we found all the elements we need then trace them into illustrator then edit them on photoshop. After all done, we thought we should add a bit effect so we drew some lines and made the car looks like being rush and escaping. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 10.39.18 am.png
Someone is stealing a trolley from the supermarket


And in the afternoon we got another work is about typographic detail, every group got the same text and edit it into one page, and we have to find the heading, sub-heading and the content by ourselves.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 10.34.23 pmAnd we decided Great Expectations by Charles Dickens 1812-1870 to be the title. We chose two quotes and we though the quotes should be align center so we justify it. All the text included the heading are the same typeface, and we used different colour and font size to show different part. And bout the colour we chose blue, it didn’t have any specific reason but just when I though about which colour is the best to represent Great Expectations, blue came up to my mind that’s it. We struggled quite a long time in the text, like the typeface, size and position of the text. When we done, we know there still a lot of things we have to change but because of the limited of time, we didn’t changed a lot.

After the presentation we got our feedback and some of the suggestions are similar to what we think. For example: The author and the year shouldn’t be the same size as the title, and the text include the quotes shouldn’t be justified because it will have some weird space or even we don’t justify it we still have to the space and the space and made it look good, due to some time it will show some funny shape on the other side of the text which didn’t align. Those lines of the quotes are not very necessary, so we can actually remove it. That’s all the feedback we got, and this workshop is a very useful similar to the zine workshop which are very useful for out final project.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 10.39.02 am

Changing Faces – Final outcome

The final outcome and improvement of this final project.

On the main feedback tutorial, I wrote down all the things I should change and improve on my  print out copy, in order to make it clearer and easier to understand and to remember it. Here is my pre-outcome in black and white for the tutorial, and all the suggestions most of them are about the font as what I said before. The background and the position of the images have to change a bit as well.

Step by step to follow all the point which I put on the paper and correct all the mistakes after that the final outcome is done. It looks totally different especially the second spread, I removed the background and made it in to a plain colour half is pink which represent girl and the other is blue represent boy. About the title I changed it into same font as the first spread and some special sentences, and the reason of the colour gradient from white(represent the gender was born)to black(represent the gender they want to be) is because be a transgender is a whole process, and that’s not a thing can be done on few seconds or few minutes. They have a lot of considerations, and sometimes people suggestions and opinions will affect their decision and their life, therefore it is a long process. I didn’t change a lot for the first spread, I removed the black box of the text and changed the same font back that’s it. And about the last spread I moved the background away and leave it simple and undo the justify of all the text. The most difficult part is to adjust the text which I used most of the time on, through changing the gutter and size.


Last main feedback-final project

This is the pre final outcome and we got the last main feedback for this today. 

And there are few things that I have to change and improve. In the left top is the first spread and I was told that not to use the black box, which is not necessary, that’s the only thing I have to change in this spread. Right top is the second spread, quiet a lot of things have to change. First, the typeface of the heading, it doesn’t match the whole thing and not look right. Next, is the text which under the image, I was suggested not to put in the middle because at the end the spread will be folded therefore if I place in the middle, so of words will not be seen. And the next two things is the most important things also it the biggest problem in this project, the background pattern is good but it show too much in the last two spread, I should give more space to it, it’s too busy that’s I really agree with. So what I should do, I should remove the background and make the second spread in plain colour left-half page be pink and right half be blue. The last for this spread is the font, I shouldn’t justify it makes spaces between the words, also I should only use two typeface. In the work I use total three typeface so it’s too many. The final spread, the same main problem as what I said just now, the background make it look so busy and the typeface should be change and change not to justify. That’s all the feedback for today and I happy that they like my illustrations.

Changing Faces-Process

After the mind-map, I did a lot of different kind of research about transgender children and try to found out like what their were thinking, what they feel and the difference between before and after. So I looked up online and find a program My Transgender Kid, and it is very useful for me to understand the children and their parents. The issue of their gender identity and being a transgender. They just born in the wrong body and they are who they are, finally I decided my title – they just want to be themselves. Some relevant research:

Through the story of Jazz Jennings who is a transgender teen, and her families I understand more about their feeling. At the same time I will judge that is it very important that to identify a gender? Why people have to prevent people to be transgender, and why they think it is wrong? What is the problem of just being themselves, and in most of the person’s mind there is only two gender it means if you born as a girl then you must be a girl. And there are lots of rules only for two type male and female in the world but that is the big issue for the transgender people because the biological gender, something is not fair for them. I agree with what Jazz said in one of her video: “People only think black and white, they don’t see the rainbow in the world and it is just close-minded.” Moreover, people always think children don’t really know and understand what they are doing and thinking so the teachers and parents or the adults around them try to force them to do something right as what they think. But what’s the real  children are the same

On the other hand, I keep doing some illustrations for the those spread, I also start to think about the colour tone, typeface and the title. I think I will focus on blue and pink but I don’t want only use two-tone because I is a bit difficult for my illustrations and for this article, so I will keep it colourful but at the same time focus on pink and blue. About the typeface I think I am gonna to use Lithos Pro, Myriad Pro and Gothic Std.

That’s the essay of the article after reread lot of time, I used different colours pen to marked different point, like the main ideas, argument, support and information. It help me to remember which are important which are not the I can delete some of the text due to there are too much, and it is very difficult to put all the text in three spreads.

On the above are the drawing I did and scan them on the computer then edit on Ai and Ps. And at the bottom are the illustrations that have been edited.

Fri 29 April group tutorial

We did a whole day tutorial today, in the morning we were putting in a group and have some discuss about how people works and  the feedback was given.

We follow some questions to talk about see what can we improve and change our work, and the main purpose is we can get some inspiration by talking and listening to people. And in the afternoon we got a pair tutorial which find someone to talk to and find is there any think be improved, actually is as same as what we did in the morning. Due to I didn’t did much work to show, there are not too many feedback, but we found out some problem which happened to most of the people, like the most common problem is the size of the text some people want to put all the text but some don’t and it depends on how many words on the page, due to no one like full of text in the magazine it will look too busy and people will not feel interested to read so some people choose to reduce some of the text and makes the layout looks much better. Another thing is the hierarchy and place of those elements such as images and text, some people just have a heading but don’t have any sub-heading or stand-first then all the text just  separate in different paragraphs just in the same size don’t even have any quote so it makes the spread look a bit boring. Moreover, is sometime there will be a word or a sentence left on the next line or next column, it was told before we have to avoid this problem it is difficult because of the size, typeface, the number of word and the arrangement of those but we still have to try. And for my feedback, I was told to be careful of the number of text and think about not to put too much element on one spread, also think about the typeface is it match to the images and text that’s it.

Lastly, I think this kind of tutorial is quite helpful, listen to what people think, learn things from people works and get more ideas and inspirations on it. We design things for communicate to people so is it very important to listen people opinions, and that’s one of the way for us to learn and improve more and more.