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The lecture we have today is about different content to change the experience

Exercise: Role Play (It should be at the beginning of the project also have to be at the end)

Create a community: who we are communicating with.

Our first step to do is to create a persona: Name: Age: Profession: Bio:(Can draw)

  • Interests:
  • Powers: how much influence they have
  • Goals:
  • Daily Routine:
  • Likes/Dislikes: hobby
  • Motivation: Communication and
  • Relationship:

Experience Home to Hub(Think of a journey) This is about how are we thinking of the project, (The process in the portfolio-the customer journey-information design)

After we pick one of the people persona, next we have to start thinking about the journey of their daily life.

The reason for doing this exercise is to let us have a thinking process, how we work with our client and consider about our target audiences, how can they access with this project which really helps us when we are designing. We want our audience get our message so it is how to guide us to go into the right way.

Our persona is Josie, 36 years old, a mother of 3 children and her profession is Dentist. Through those bullet points we create a journey map of her daily life and how can she get the information of our project. So her story is: She woke up at 6 every morning after that get kids ready for school then drives them to school, next she will park her car near the school then take a train to work and on the way of the journey she has food and look at her technology devices to get information. When she starts working she will have the conversation with her patients or colleagues where she got information with. After finish work, she gets the train back to where she parked her car, and on the way, she might look at the poster or banner. after picked the kids back then go home and cook. Before she goes to bed, she normally watches tv until 11 she goes to bed.

In her journey map, there are lots of opportunities for her to get information which she can access with it. Especially, our target is about services it is good for us to consider about how can they get the information because not all the business or services people will have much time to look at different websites or Facebook to get news so that’s a question for our group to think about.


Digital Me-CV&Portfolio

After the logo and theme are decide the next step is to design our creative cv and portfolio(both online and pdf). Use the theme that I have designed then apply it to all the items. For my whole brand, I have only used one pink but only in different tint and opacity to make it looks different.

I got my normal cv but it looks really normally so I need to use that information to create another creative CV to show people that we are a graphic people by using our skills. The main colour I used is still kept on the one I used for the logo, and the only thing I have to pay attention is not to put too much because it will be distracted people eyes so I need to figure out what is the most important part for people to look at. I summarise my formal cv into 6 parts: Introduce myself, contact, education, work experience, interest and skills. My idea is to use some colour to point out the main thing I want to show.

Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 2.31.19 pm

Like the title, I used a lighter pink for the outline which is the same as the work experience, I have also used the pink colour for the text to show some special words.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 12.45.57 am

In the contact part, it included all the social media which is linked to my online portfolio, works, blog and information.

Digital Me – logo&theme

The final project of this year is to identify ourselves, we have to build our portfolio, website and improve all the projects we have done this year. An online portfolio which to put the best work we got and to show people that we are professional not just a student but we are becoming a graphic designer. It does not only show our works and what skills we have got but also showing people our personality because the website is representing ourselves.


For the online portfolio, I want to design my own logo which can represent myself but something hard is because of my nationality, so it is better if I can add some elements on it to show our culture. I am from a place named Macao where is just next to Hong Kong, our official language is Cantonese, our culture is influenced by China and Portugal and it makes us become quite different.

My Chinese name is Vu(Surname) Lok Man-鄔樂文, and my English name is Joana. As you see my name is quite special so if I can create my own logo it must be great. The next step of design my logo is to try out how many possible it can be, and I did a range of designs to find out the best. There are my designs on the below: Some of the design did mix with my English name but some didn’t, and through trying different types of design finally, I used one of them.

It is not east to design a logo which represents ourselves because the logo is showing who we are and what kind of person we are so if it goes wrong then our brand, our works will be affected by it as well.  Also, it is a really time-consuming work so we have to have a good time management skill to plan everything and make sure all the stuff are done on time.

Colour & Style Theme

For our whole digital project, we have to make all the items being consistent such as our cv-curriculum vitae, online portfolio and pdf portfolio, so we have to design a theme for them and use it in all the items. My first solution of this project is to choose the colour which is meaningful to us, and I chose a colour between cerise and ruby and the reason of choosing it because that’s my favourite colour. I got lots of things are that colour so it for me it kind of represents me. Next, is about the theme style and I didn’t want my whole layout looks too complicated, I want it looks like clean and professional. Our tutor suggested try to put some element to show what you like to do, so I thought about what I like to do in graphic then I found out I like bookmaking and layout design. From that idea, I decided to tell people what I like to do by using lines to demonstrate the simple outline like the grid or ruler.


But after the discussion with the tutor, I was told that colour and design of those lines are a bit distracting so I should simplify the number of lines and reduce the colour. Then my practice is to reduce the tint of that pink and change the design of the line, I used dashed line instead of solid line because it looks more like bookmaking stripes. And after the final design theme is confirmed, I apply it to all my files.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 11.11.02 pm

Another time-consuming part in this project, which is also the main part of all the thing, if this part has been decided then the other rest of it will be more easier. For me, design a theme to tell people your story is not easy because we have to consider different factors. Like how to make it looks professional, what layout would people prefer(to looks comfortable), how to tell people what is our background and what we like to do. All the information has to show on one thing. And this task is connected to my field project, which is about telling information successfully. I used some of the knowledge I have learnt into this project, introducing myself successfully by using the simple elements. Both logo and the layout are really challenging but at the same time, it is really helpful for a graphic student, to give us more sense of what a real graphic designer have to be.


Persuasion reflection

The first personal real client project which is a massive challenge for everyone, I felt excited but at the same time I did worry about the client might not like my work. For my topic dementia friend, it is a very open project because the client didn’t have any specific requirement, they just want us to do something which can encourage people to become a dementia friend. Therefore, we can design whatever we want but we got our first challenge is to think about what should we do and what it will attract people. It is not easy to make the decision because there are too many formats we can do. And the second challenge is we have to find our own strategy and that’s the issue that we got for every project, from doing research, doing sketches, and to work on digital all the things are the challenge. For the final outcome, I made something which is totally different to the others, I am the only one to create characters by illustration and make me see how difference we all are, everyone did different thing and not only the style but also the idea and elements no one got the same thing and I did also get some inspiration from other people. If I can do it again, I might create more characters and try to make a digital colour version but not in hand draw watercolour version to make it different. Furthermore, I might create more other posters to see what I still can create, but I will still keep my idea if I do it again. I like my idea but just maybe I can improve the drawing and make it be more professional.



screen-shot-2017-01-18-at-10-57-50-pmThis lecture we talk about what is pictogram also there are some examples were shown by XX, the works that he did. Pictograms are the thing which around us all the time, we can see it in everywhere, especially nowadays people use it all the time. We can see them from our phone, laptop to the road(sign) and most of the places(toilet, restaurant, airport, bus stop, etc.). So I can say that it becomes an important element in human life. 


🚻  The most general sign that we can always see outside the toilet, and because it is too common so nearly everyone knows it.🚽


And due to the development of the technology, 📱 mobile phone, 💻  computer and laptop became part of our life and there are lots of pictograms insides those technologies like the very popular sign that we always for send message – emoji 😊 😉

No who you are, you will use once you have tried or you see people use  (like my mum😂  before she just sent me text but after she knew how to use, and now she send me emoji more than text)

📵 🚷 🚯 🚫 🚸 More pictograms and signs which we are using and we can see in the daily life.

On the other hand, although it is very popular for using, we have to be a bit careful sometimes because sometimes different culture and circumstance will affect the way people thought. In some point, if we use it wrong then we might get trouble so before we use it first we have to understand what is it mean. 

Different people might not have the same viewpoint

Here is a part of the study I read, it talks about different culture sign have a different meaning, the meaning we thought might not be the same as the others. 

Come back to our lecture and workshop, after the presentation lecture of the introduction and the concepts about pictogram. Next, we have a practice and see how we use pictogram. We will be given a story by text then we have to use 10 to 12 pictograms to tell what the story about.


Here is the story that we have to tell people


First, we read the story then point out the information which we thought is important, and we wrote down all the main point. After we start to do some pictogram research to find some pictograms that match to our story.


At the end, we finished it through teamwork, it is such a good lecture because this work is more challenging than I think. Before the lesson, I thought it is easy because everyone is using it these days but after the workshop, I felt it is not easy actually.


The final outcome of the story


Exhibition-Ai Weiwei

“An artwork unable to make people feel uncomfortable or to feel different is not one worth creating. This is the difference between the artist and the fool.”Ai Weiwei,’Architecture and Space’, blog posted 13 Jan 2006

The second of December me and some of the fine arts students went to the exhibition of Ai Weiwei in London. Most of his works are amazing. Via artworks designed to provoke our perception of freedom and imprisonment and these two themes have affected and galvanised the artist throughout his life.

“What single thing would improve the quality of your life?”-“The freedom to express myself.” Ai Weiwei to The Guardian, 23 Nov 2012

Here is his works

 My favourite piece is S.A.C.R.E.D.

In response to his incarceration, he conceived S.A.C.R.E.D.. Six dioramas with view holes that scrupulously recreate his detailed memories of the prison cell. The six letters in the title denote Supper, Accusers, Cleansing, Ritual, Entropy and Doubt, which refer respectively to eating, interrogation, showering, walking, sleep and using the lavatory. The intimacy if these activities imbues the dioramas with a sense of the paranoia and distress inherent in his experience. Yet for the artist, their scaled-down size ameliorates the full terror evoked by the situation, rendering the dioramas more theatrical than real.

When I went into that room first I felt a bit strange there were lot of people walk around those boxes so I followed the queue and when I stand on the step and looked down to the view hole, at that moment I felt terrified, shocking or I can say it was incredibly amazing. It definitely feel like a prison and that’s the thing than I am interested into, he succeed to communicate to visitors. For me I am a graphic student and my responsibility is to communicate with people in a very easy and clear way. Another reason it attracted(curious) me is, I am a Chinese but Macau is not in China and we have different policy so I do not really understand the actual freedom in China.

Blog Created

HI! This is the second week after the course start, and we have already start to do our project which made me feel a bit excited. So coming this year I am going to show all my works and project with process in this blog, and all are about my course which is BA Graphic Communication.

On Thursday we have our first constellation ( When is a nerd not a nerd? When he’s a geek) which is quite interesting but I still haven’t decided yet, hope I can make the decision very soon.