Changing Faces-Process

After the mind-map, I did a lot of different kind of research about transgender children and try to found out like what their were thinking, what they feel and the difference between before and after. So I looked up online and find a program My Transgender Kid, and it is very useful for me to understand the children and their parents. The issue of their gender identity and being a transgender. They just born in the wrong body and they are who they are, finally I decided my title – they just want to be themselves. Some relevant research:

Through the story of Jazz Jennings who is a transgender teen, and her families I understand more about their feeling. At the same time I will judge that is it very important that to identify a gender? Why people have to prevent people to be transgender, and why they think it is wrong? What is the problem of just being themselves, and in most of the person’s mind there is only two gender it means if you born as a girl then you must be a girl. And there are lots of rules only for two type male and female in the world but that is the big issue for the transgender people because the biological gender, something is not fair for them. I agree with what Jazz said in one of her video: “People only think black and white, they don’t see the rainbow in the world and it is just close-minded.” Moreover, people always think children don’t really know and understand what they are doing and thinking so the teachers and parents or the adults around them try to force them to do something right as what they think. But what’s the real  children are the same

On the other hand, I keep doing some illustrations for the those spread, I also start to think about the colour tone, typeface and the title. I think I will focus on blue and pink but I don’t want only use two-tone because I is a bit difficult for my illustrations and for this article, so I will keep it colourful but at the same time focus on pink and blue. About the typeface I think I am gonna to use Lithos Pro, Myriad Pro and Gothic Std.

That’s the essay of the article after reread lot of time, I used different colours pen to marked different point, like the main ideas, argument, support and information. It help me to remember which are important which are not the I can delete some of the text due to there are too much, and it is very difficult to put all the text in three spreads.

On the above are the drawing I did and scan them on the computer then edit on Ai and Ps. And at the bottom are the illustrations that have been edited.

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